Save time, boost productivity, and increase client retention using a robust automation system.

Insurance automation allows agencies to streamline repetitive, administrative processes to save time and resources. Automation includes both task assignments, called Activities, and email communications.

The #1 reason clients leave an insurance agency is due to a “lack of meaningful communication.” Adding thoughtful client communications throughout the year can make a big difference, and automation can help. 

Leveraging the workflow automation features in AMS+ help your team stay ahead of your competition. Assign Activities and send email alerts to internal team members or agents and send email communications to clients to keep everyone informed. Attach necessary documents to the Activities, and add notes, priority level, and due dates to ensure completion by your team. Activities appear on each user’s Activity Dashboard to outline their day and ensure that essential tasks are prioritized and completed on time.

Happy birthday email in AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution

Client Retention Automation

The name of the game is client retention. Once your agency has a new individual or group benefits client, ensure you keep them with dedicated retention-focused automation. Automate processes, like:

  • New client welcome
  • New client onboarding
  • Happy birthday
  • Client anniversary
  • Turning 26/65
Policy renewal workflow in AgencyBloc

Policy-Related Automation

An agency's main differentiator is the customer service they provide — policy-related automation can help. Communicate important changes that affect your clients' policies:

  • New policy information
  • Policy renewal date
  • Carrier changes
  • Policy termination
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GRA Benefits Group

Learn how AgencyBloc's industry-specific CRM helps GRA Benefits Group save 50 hours a month and $11,000 a year with workflow automation.

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FAQs About Insurance Automation

Insurance Automation FAQs

  • When combining automation with our email capabilities, you can take your insurance email marketing to the next level. Being able to reach out to clients and prospects at specific points of the sales funnel without having to manually send those emails is extremely helpful. It ensures that your audience can get consistent, specific communication with minimal work and will also make emails, like ones for birthdays, easier and more feasible.

  • Automation can be a broad word—put simply, it's the idea of making recurring tasks happen automatically. Once automation is set up, it helps insurance agencies work smarter not harder and ensure tasks are completed and communication happens. Check out some examples of things every insurance agency should be automating, like policy renewal workflows and lead follow-up workflows.

  • There are a lot of moving parts in insurance agencies, and automation is a way to save time while increasing quality of service. It makes it easier to ensure processes are accurate and consistent, that timely communication happens, and that employee tasks don't slip through the cracks. With extra time and resources, agencies can focus on other areas of their business. 

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