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Manage Your Agency Better. AgencyBloc is Designed for the Health, Senior, and Benefits Space.

AgencyBloc's platform and suite of insurance-specific solutions provide your team with powerful tools for end-to-end business management. We’ve served the health insurance space for 15+ years, and we’ve continued to build our solutions with your needs in mind.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, AgencyBloc’s platform is here to help you accelerate your growth, reach your goals, and manage your business. From sales to quoting to client retention to commissions processing, our platform is here to support your agency’s needs.

Integrated Insurance Sales Enablement Tools

Integrated Insurance Sales Enablement Tools

Turn the heat up on your sales initiatives and increase conversions with the insurance-focused sales tools in AMS+:

Manage prospecting and sales initiatives with ease

Why AgencyBloc?

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  • Google 5.0
  • GetApp 4.8
  • G2 4.7
  • SoftwareAdvice 4.7

See Real Client Experiences

"AgencyBloc proved to be a PERFECT CHOICE for our office. My overall experience with AgencyBloc is 100% SATISFIED. My only regret is that I didn't change sooner, as this is a MUCH BETTER SYSTEM and MUCH EASIER TO WORK. We look forward to a very long relationship."

Gary B.
Gary S Becker, Inc.

"AgencyBloc is a constantly evolving CRM that has already improved our processes quite a bit, and we are hoping, with continued updates, it can evolve even more to keep our company as organized and efficient as possible."

Jennifer B.
CSNW Benefits

"The next step to growing your company is AgencyBloc. We were using a spreadsheet to track all our clients, and it was getting hard to keep everything in order that way. Once we saw what AgencyBloc could and does do for us, it was a no-brainer."

Katie M.
Active Medicare Solutions

"Something I've found impressive since I joined AgencyBloc is that AgencyBloc works for all agencies in the health and life industry. AgencyBloc can accommodate most agencies and has a layout all agency types can use and benefit from—even those who aren't familiar with a CRM."

Dave B.
Brystra Insurance Services

"AgencyBloc really allows us to run our office in the most efficient manner. What attracted us most was the Commission Module, which has alleviated a lot of our time and lets us be more productive. If you're thinking of exploring options for your agency management system, I'd definitely recommend AgencyBloc and give it 5 stars!"

Claudine N.
AM Insurance Services