Send complete group benefits enrollment applications directly to the carriers.

Each health insurance carrier has preferred data they need to complete enrollment for group health and ancillary benefits. Quote+ partners with carriers nationwide and properly populates the necessary data on carrier submissions as if the employee completed the form by hand.

Using the secure, HIPAA-compliant carrier mapping tools in Quote+, your team can streamline the carrier submission process. No need to:

    Memorize what each health insurance carrier needs

    Repeatedly ask employees for additional health data

    Worry if your forms are complete and accurate

    Worry about the color of pen or legibility

Quote+ maps tens of thousands of carrier forms daily and completes them promptly. Additionally, our integrated, secure proprietary file system tracks and stores each form created and submitted for each user. 


Summary of employee health data from Medical Health Questionnaire

Submit Complete, Accurate Carrier Forms the First Time

Once enrollment is complete, Quote+ maps all enrollments, elections, and employee health data directly to the carriers through our secure, HIPAA-compliant mapping software. This allows employee benefits agencies and GAs to ensure all submissions are complete and accurate the first time. 

See Real Client Experiences

"We service approximately 45-50,000 employees and around 200 groups with this system. I believe (and I have investigated) that this is the best system in the market place that you can use to service your customers. The customer service is second to no one. I highly recommend them to everyone."

Jay B.
Insurance Benefits Consultants LLC

"We have used AgencyBloc for over 5 years, and it has been invaluable for managing our book of business, our agents, and our compensation. As we continue to grow, AgencyBloc continues to add features and efficiencies, especially in the Commissions module. Their support teams are responsive & committed to solutions."

Debbie C.
Buffalo Insurance Group LLC

"Something I've found impressive since I joined AgencyBloc is that AgencyBloc works for all agencies in the health and life industry. AgencyBloc can accommodate most agencies and has a layout all agency types can use and benefit from—even those who aren't familiar with a CRM."

Dave B.
Brystra Insurance Services

"AgencyBloc has allowed our firm to improve our efficiencies internally as well as offer our clients a higher level of service and personal touches. We have leveraged activity tracking to manage the tasks we complete for our clients, workflows and pipelines to automate our basic agency processes, and commission management to better access the source of our revenues which helps us prioritize our most valuable clients."

Jim P.
Coordinated Benefits Company

"Since implementing Quote+, we've been able to significantly increase our companies under management and the premiums generated by them, while also decreasing our average sales cycle. We can now send initial quotes in 10-15 minutes after we get the census. Quote+ has been a huge benefit and advantage for us."

Clayton R.
Apollo Insurance Group

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