Increase your agency's chances of conversion with powerful automation tools.

Every sales team has a sales process. Automation allows your team to streamline repetitive tasks as well as lead nurturing to create efficiencies. Send text messages or emails and assign new tasks for effortless communication.

The integrated automation tools in AMS+ can significantly impact sales initiatives by aiding in lead, prospect, and opportunity touchpoints. These efficiencies help to streamline everyday tasks and communications, giving agents more time to focus on selling. 

Automated lead nurturing in AMS+

Automated Lead Nurturing

If your team isn’t courting a lead, a competitor will happily do so. Automation gives your sales team a competitive edge in lead nurturing. Using automation creates efficient processes that allow agents to spend more time selling while also maintaining the necessary connection with leads. 

Example lead nurturing workflow in AMS+

Online Lead Nurturing Workflow

Research shows that 80% of leads require 5+ touchpoints before they convert. Here’s an example lead nurturing workflow you could build in AMS+:

  • Immediately: Send an email 
  • Immediately: Assign agent task
  • Day 3: Text lead
  • Day 7: Assign agent task
  • Day 12: Text lead
  • Day 17: Send an email
  • Day 21: Assign agent task
  • Day 31: Send final email
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Case Study

Hovis & Associates

See how Hovis & Associates uses Sales Pipeline, Automated Workflow, and the Commission Module to create notable time and money savings.


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