Carrier Marketing

Strategic Carrier Plan Promotion Solutions

Growing your distribution channel requires attention from the right brokers at the right time. Quote+ offers a unique opportunity to promote your plans and products to targeted broker audiences so you're seen when and where it matters most.

Expand Distribution Channel

Quote+ is a small group quoting and enrollment solution that provides brokers the ability to quote both underwritten and community rated, major medical and ancillary plans all in one platform. By promoting your products and plans in Quote+, you're reaching your target audience when and where it matters most.

  • Access brokers and expand your distribution channel to reach thousands of benefits brokers when they're already shopping for plans and products
  • Promote your plans to the right audience by targeting based on employer group demographics and geographic location
  • Showcase your portfolio of products to brokers who are looking for products like yours

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Promoted carrier product in Quote+

Carrier Underwriting Efficiency

Streamline Underwriting Submissions for Both You and Your Brokers

We specialize in making the underwritten quoting process simple for both brokers and carriers so that brokers can easily quote and present all of the best options to their groups and carriers always receive the accurate, complete data they need.

Remove Barriers to Quoting Underwritten Plans

Quote+ makes it easy for brokers to quote level-funded, self-funded, and other underwritten plans by efficiently and accurately collecting the necessary medical data and delivering it digitally to simplify the process for both brokers and carrier underwriting teams.

  • Collect and receive medical and enrollment data digitally through an online interview process that auto-populates your submission and enrollment forms
  • Utilize automation to cost-effectively deliver quotes to brokers and groups

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MHQ Condition Selector in Quote+

Ancillary PLan Promotion

Shine a Light on Your Ancillary Products

Let Quote+ help your ancillary products and plans get the attention they deserve by promoting your dental and vision products in the same place brokers already are working through medical quoting.

Draw Attention to Your Ancillary Products

During the group quoting process, ancillary products like dental and vision can sometimes be an afterthought, and brokers often stick with what they know. By promoting your ancillary products in Quote+, you can ensure they get more broker attention and consideration during the health quoting process.

  • Better compete with well-known ancillary providers
  • Promote your dental and vision products to targeted brokers or employer group demographics that meet your criteria
  • Expand your ancillary products distribution channel and move into your desired markets

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Ancillary product listing in Quote+

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Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, is an all-in-one quoting and proposal tool employee benefits brokers can use to streamline their processes from quote to close.

Partner with AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution to expand your distribution channel, gain valuable data insights, and reach the right brokers at the right time.

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