Feature-Rich Group Benefits Quoting & Proposal Tools

Through the guided six-step process, brokers can reduce their time spent managing, enrolling, and servicing their small group clients every renewal season by up to 50%. Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, provides small group benefits brokers with the ability to quote, gather medical health questionnaires, and create employer-ready proposals all in one centralized location.

Gather quotes for medically underwritten and community rated plans as well as ancillary products from a variety of carriers, then compare them side-by-side. Once selections are made, quickly map the chosen products directly to carrier forms and send them through our HIPAA-compliant software.


  • Broker-controlled online marketplace
  • Medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary product quoting
  • Medical health questionnaire surveys
  • Employer and employee data tracking
  • Customizable employer-ready benefit proposals
  • Reporting
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Apollo Insurance Group

Discover how Apollo Insurance Group has been able to send initial quotes in 10 to 15 minutes after receiving the census with the help of Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution.


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FAQs About Quoting & Proposals

Quoting & Proposals FAQs

  • Creating insurance proposals can be difficult for group insurance benefits agencies, especially when pulling together multiple plans and options. To write a thorough proposal, be sure to include a range of options relevant to the group and extensive details on each that are easy to sift through. Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, makes the process of quoting and generating proposals easier. Quote+ quickly allows you to pull quotes for a multitude of carriers and presents them in a digestible, professional manner.

  • Quote+ is built to streamline the small group quoting and proposal process to make renewal season easier. Input demographic data about employers, employees, and dependents in one place as well as policy effective dates and policy renewal dates. You will also be able to quickly compare community rated, medically underwritten, and ancillary products in one space. The secure, online interview feature streamlines the medical health questionnaire process and provides the data brokers need for groups, employees, and dependents. Schedule a demo today to see how Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, can work for you.

  • Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, is HITECH and HIPAA-compliant as well as HITRUST certified. AgencyBloc solutions are housed on HIPAA-compliant AWS servers, are annually audited for SOC 2 Type II certification, and all data is bank-grade encrypted and constantly backed up in multiple locations. All AgencyBloc accounts are password protected with two-step authentication options. Learn more about our data security protocols.

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"The software has streamlined how and what information we keep track of. What we appreciate most about AgencyBloc is, as they have grown they have not lost sight of what is most important when it comes to software and that is "Customer Service"."

Danette B.
Grace and Porta Benefits, Inc.

"Our transition to AgencyBloc was extremely smooth and their support along the way was invaluable. We feel like we finally have a database from the 21st century!"

Caroline D.
Comprehensive Benefits Planning, Inc.

"I’ve been with Agency Bloc for 3 years now; they have nailed it as far as what is needed for a health insurance agency! I recommend you sign up for the commissions piece because AgencyBloc makes it easy to track how I’m getting paid. With a few simple clicks, you can see your entire commissions report! AgencyBloc saves me so much time and it’s accurate. NO more missing commissions!!"

Kay G.
Goodemoot Benefits Solutions

"AgencyBloc has been our time-saver and has helped our agency truly organize all of our operations. Way back to when Steve first talked to us and Tasha trained us, every person at AgencyBloc has been so helpful. It really says a lot about who you guys are and what kind of company you run."

Alex C.
Comfort Insurance and Finances

"AgencyBloc has streamlined our business. It has operationally helped us in more ways than one. We’ve been able to take our business to the next level and grow because of our partnership with AgencyBloc."

Cristin H.
The Brokerage, Inc.

"I think one of the best things that I like about AgencyBloc is that it’s idiot-proof. You don’t have to go out and find ‘AgencyBloc for Dummies’. When you have a concept of where something should be in the system, it’s right there; it’s right where it should be."

Janis V.
Health Insurance Advisor, LLC.