Send out vital communication to your clients or agents with an easy-to-use agency management system.

Consistent communication with your clients and agents keeps everyone up-to-date and on the same track. Use the Email Marketing feature in AMS+ to create one-time mass and drip email campaigns. 

No need to create a list of clients, download the list, and upload it to your email marketing builder. Instead, build your campaign and list all in the same location — your agency management system (AMS). Utilize the modern, drag and drop email builder in AMS+ to create your messages and build your campaign. Then, save the template to make future communications easier.

After you’ve pressed send, monitor the success of your campaign. Track important metrics, like:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Spam rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Number of opt-outs
  • Number of unsubscribes

Automate this process with the insurance automation tools in AMS+ to create and schedule campaigns throughout the year that include retention-focused touchpoints.

Happy New Year email example in AgencyBloc

Mass & Drip Email Campaigns

Mass emails are written for a segment of your audience, often a large one, that all need one specific message. Sending the message via mass email saves you time and effort in having to create segmented lists or inform each individual separately.

Examples of mass email campaigns include: 

  • Weekly or monthly emails
  • Newsletters
  • Holiday greetings
  • Other business-related information
  • Open Enrollment/AEP notifications
Agent email campaign in AgencyBloc

Segmented Client Campaigns

Segmented email campaigns let you pinpoint specific groups of people to send relevant information to via email. Alert a specific group of clients about carrier or plan changes that only affect them. Or, build a campaign targeted toward a smaller group of clients you know may be interested in a new product you’re selling. Tailoring the message boosts open and click rates, increases awareness, and helps to improve your client retention rate!

Editing email campaign in AgencyBloc

Segmented, Mass, & Drip Email Campaigns for Downline Agents/Agencies

Create a campaign for your downline agents and agencies to share essential information. For instance, you could create a monthly newsletter for agents alerting them to carrier changes, company changes, upcoming CE-credit classes, available incentives, and other industry news. 

See Real Client Experiences

"AgencyBloc is a time-saver, especially when it comes to email campaigns. You can quickly sort out a list of customers to send specific emails to. You can set up automated emails to customers and forget about it. The system will automatically send out your welcome emails, birthday emails, holiday emails, etc."

Mary D.
Express Insurance Services

"We have found AgencyBloc invaluable to the organization of our client data. We use reports to help us set goals and track progress, email marketing to reach out to clients on a regular basis, automated workflow to make sure we do not miss important tasks, and notes and activities to assign future tasks! This program has helped us to be more efficient and professional."

Tara W.
Westhouse Insurance Agency, LLC

"I recently signed up for AgencyBloc and LOVE IT. AgencyBloc has everything I was looking for: a way to organize my clients by product of enrollment, workflow abilities to help me stay on top of my growing business, automated emails, and more. The training and support provided have been top-notch. I am very pleased with AgencyBloc and know the investment will help me grow my business. I give AgencyBloc 5 stars!"

Laura B.
LB Health Insurance Solutions

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