Securely and accurately gather individual medical health data to quote complete and comprehensive medically underwritten employer plans.

If you offer medically underwritten, level-funded, or self-funded plans to employer groups, then it’s essential to have a secure way to quickly (and accurately!) gather employee medical health data. Gather medical health data for:

  • Employees
  • Dependents
  • Relations

The built-in online medical health questionnaire in Quote+ ensures accuracy and eliminates the worry of a carrier declining an application due to the wrong-colored pen, illegible handwriting, and other issues. 

Gathering employee health data can be tedious and time-consuming — especially since every carrier has preferences on which data points they need. Rather than listing dozens of overlapping questions, Quote+’s medical health questionnaire walks employees through a series of necessary and specific medical questions. Employees must review each step in summary, ensuring accuracy and reducing the need for repeated back-and-forths with the employer group.

The whole process is efficient and easy to use — a family of four can complete the whole survey in under 30 minutes. Once complete, the employee, dependent, and relation health data is securely stored in Quote+ for future enrollment seasons

Image showing errors Medical Health Questionnaire options in Quote+

Ensure Accuracy in Employee Health Data

Often, gathering medical health data is time-consuming and error-prone. Reduce the back-and-forth and time spent scrubbing applications manually with the error-check technology in Quote+. 

Image showing Medical Health Questionnaire options in Quote+

Workflow Automation for Medical Health Questionnaires

Gathering medically underwritten quotes does require employees to go through medical health underwriting — a process that takes time, management, and coordination from the broker. Centralize this process in Quote+ and manage it hands-off with built-in automation. Set up open dates for employees with triggered emails that welcome them to the process and ensure they complete their interviews.

How to capture legally binding signatures in Quote+

Capture Legally-Binding eSignatures from Employees

Collect legally binding electronic signatures from employees. Our proprietary electronic signature technology meets the strict regulations of HIPAA and HITECH. Capture signatures that:

  • Cannot be forged by machine
  • Can be displayed on paper as clearly as a standard “wet” signature
  • Can be verified
  • Contains the exact time and IP address of the signature event

Note: Once any changes are made to the employee’s data, the signature is automatically invalidated, and the employee is notified.

See Real Client Experiences

"Fabulous software—we love it and feel so much more organized! The customization for fields is my favorite part, because even though the framework there is fabulous, every broker has different things that you need to track for clients."

Kayla F.

"Being this is my first agency management system, AgencyBloc has been a very easy program to use and understand. Their service has also been outstanding! I couldn't be happier with my experience with AgencyBloc."

Michael M.

"I've been using AgencyBloc for over 8 years now and it is so worth the switch. They have implemented new, useful tools and it seems like they are always working on new things to make it better. The reps are great and they are always a quick response away for a question or concern."

Nicole T.
KHI Solutions

"AgencyBloc has been our time-saver and has helped our agency truly organize all of our operations. Way back to when Steve first talked to us and Tasha trained us, every person at AgencyBloc has been so helpful. It really says a lot about who you guys are and what kind of company you run."

Alex C.
Comfort Insurance and Finances

"Since implementing Quote+, we've been able to significantly increase our companies under management and the premiums generated by them, while also decreasing our average sales cycle. We can now send initial quotes in 10-15 minutes after we get the census. Quote+ has been a huge benefit and advantage for us."

Clayton R.
Apollo Insurance Group

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