Compare quotes for medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary plans from a variety of carriers side-by-side in one centralized product marketplace.

Quoting is essential to selling and renewing any employer group. AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution provides a centralized location that benefits agencies and GAs can use to gather quotes for their employer groups. Easily search, select, and compare products and plans from various carriers to find the best fit for your employer group.

Gathering quotes can be a time-intensive process when comparing multiple carriers and gathering different products and plan types. Quote+ allows benefits agencies and GAs to shop multi-carrier quotes in one place, saving your team serious time. This process, combined with the integration between AMS+ and Quote+, significantly shortens the quote-gathering process and allows your team to spend more valuable time consulting with clients, giving you a competitive edge.

Quote+ compiles group benefits rates from all available carriers in any given location for:

  • Medically underwritten, level-funded, and self-funded plans
  • Community rated, fully-insured, and ACA products (including age-banded rates)
  • Ancillary products (including dental and vision)
  • Multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) plans (or similar)
Screenshot showing medically underwritten plan options in Quote+

Quoting Medically Underwritten Plans

View illustrative quotes for medically underwritten products and compare them to community rated ones to determine the best fit for your employer groups. Use the medical health online interview tool to finalize the illustrative quotes and start the enrollment process with the carrier.

Screen showing Community Rated plan options in Quote+

Quoting Community Rated Products

Quote community rated, ACA, and fully-insured plans from many carriers in one place. Capture the quotes you need for comparison and easily share them with your employer groups. Then, send the final selections to the carrier to complete the process.

Screen showing dental plan options in Quote+

Quoting Ancillary Products

Centralize your quoting efforts by shopping dental and vision quotes alongside your medically underwritten or community rated medical quotes to create a complete picture for your employer group. Shop multiple carriers' ancillary products to find the right ones to add to your final employer-ready proposal.

See Real Client Experiences

"Finally, an agency solution for a health agency!! We have been looking for a product like this for years! Support has been excellent, and for our agency it works perfect."

Scott A.
Don Allred & Associates, Inc.

"I am so happy I decided to use AgencyBloc. I'm able to add custom fields and build reports specific for my needs. The automatic emails are a lifesaver! There are more functions that I haven't even utilized yet that I know will help improve efficiency, productivity, and grow my business."

Danielle S.
Elite Senior Insurance

"I am so happy we found AgencyBloc. Creating activities is a great way to keep up on the day-to-day. We have tried other systems and this one really takes the cake. I think the best part of it is the customer service and the willingness to keep making it better."

Shea B.
RJS and Associates Insurance Services

"We are extremely pleased with AgencyBloc. Of significant value is the customization features that allow us to build the data we want, allowing us to manage multiple coverage types within one system."

Bruce B.
Genesis Financial

"AgencyBloc has been the best thing that we could have implemented here. Their team is so accessible and quick to answer. It's just fantastic for housing all of our information on our clients. We've cut our time in half in tracking down information about our clients. It really is a one-stop shop for everything that you're gonna need."

Cait Y.
Bridge Insurance Group

"Since implementing Quote+, we've been able to significantly increase our companies under management and the premiums generated by them, while also decreasing our average sales cycle. We can now send initial quotes in 10-15 minutes after we get the census. Quote+ has been a huge benefit and advantage for us."

Clayton R.
Apollo Insurance Group

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