Keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution.

One thing we can all count on in the health insurance, benefits, and senior insurance space is that changes are always on the horizon. Anticipate changes and make staying compliant easier with integrated compliance tools in your agency management platform. 

AMS+ takes compliance to a whole new level with pre-built, electronic Scope of Appointment and Consent to Contact communications within the system. Quickly send the necessary forms via email or text message to the lead or prospect directly from AMS+. Plus, utilize pre-recorded messages to share important compliance statements with prospects and clients.

Once the forms have been signed, store the documents inside AMS+ for easy access and streamlined compliance management — like for the CMS Final Rule 2023!

Pre-built compliance documents in AMS+

Send Pre-Built Compliance Documents 

Required compliance forms like Scope of Appointment (SOA) and Consent to Contact come pre-built in AMS+. Agents can send these forms to leads and prospects via email or text message.

Store signed compliance documents in AMS+

Automated Signed Consent Document Storage

One part of compliance is getting the form signed. The other half is storage and access to that signed form. AMS+ simplifies this transaction by sending the compliance documents directly from and storing them in our health insurance CRM. This allows everyone on your team easy access whenever they need it.

Stay compliant with AgencyBloc's Platform

Stay Ahead of Compliance with AMS+

At AgencyBloc, our commitment is to serve the operational and growth needs of your team, which includes compliance. AMS+ is designed for the health insurance space. Our team will continue to monitor the compliance and regulatory changes in the industry and add new compliance requirements to our software.

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