Explore the Sales Enablement Tools in AMS+

Streamline your sales processes with industry-specific sales tools in AMS+. Bring leads directly to your agents with integrated lead forms, lead posts, and imports. Assign leads to agents with customizable lead routing and round-robin tools. Connect with the lead via built-in VoIP functionality and manage the lead with electronic compliance communications, workflow automation, texting, and more. 

Take the guesswork out of your sales. Predict, track, and manage your sales and cross-sell opportunities with ease in AMS+. Monitor the success of your initiatives and track your team’s progress with integrated data analysis and real-time graphs


  • Lead management (leads, prospects, opportunities, etc.)
  • Communication tracking with agents, leads, and prospects
  • Activity tracking and task assignment
  • Lead routing and round-robin assignment
  • Electronic compliance management
  • Customizable workflow automation and email marketing
  • Insurance-specific VoIP
  • Texting
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Hovis & Associates

See how Hovis & Associates uses Sales Pipeline, Automated Workflow, and the Commission Module to create notable time and money savings.


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FAQs About Sales Enablement

Sales Management FAQs

  • Sales management is essential because it provides a data-driven way to manage your sales, allowing you to find weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities in your systems and sales processes. This can lead to more conversions and growth for your business. Learn how AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution can help your organization improve its sales processes.

  • Sales management is about creating processes that will allow you to direct leads through the sales process to find good-fit opportunities. Your sales management processes are closely linked to other processes at your agency including customer service, quoting, and more. By building integrated processes, you will be able to react faster, hold stronger communication with clients and leads, and learn from your sales data. When creating these processes, automation plays a big role in managing leads and moving them down the pipeline. For example, sending out automated emails to clients letting them know their policies have been submitted or automatically alerting your agents that there is a new lead are two ways agencies utilize automation in the sales process. Once the automation is implemented within your sales processes, you’re able to react faster.

  • The biggest objective of sales management is to have the processes you make be all-encompassing, repeatable, and sustainable. This will help with managing and tracking your leads as they move through the funnel. In addition, there needs to be a focus on the analysis of the data collected. The raw data is not useful without the analysis, and improvement to processes only comes with successful analysis. You will be able to make more in-depth plans for the future while figuring out problem areas and the opportunities that come from them. Schedule a demo with our experts to see how AMS+ can improve your agency’s sales management efforts.

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  • AgencyBloc’s Commissions+ solution streamlines commissions processing and management, saves your team serious time, and can help you uncover thousands of dollars in missing compensation.

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  • Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, is an all-in-one quoting, proposal generating, and enrollment tool for benefits agencies to streamline sales and renewals.

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See Real Client Experiences

"Thanks to AgencyBloc, our office has been able to focus our efforts on selling more policies and spending more time interacting with our clients. Our sales are up 11% in the last year. Moving to AgencyBloc upgraded our ability to interact with our clients, our mental health, and our workflow. I’m so happy we made the switch. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner."

Melany P.
The Integrity Group

"AgencyBloc is a comprehensive system for an affordable price. It allows us to be well organized and to take care of all of our clients and prospects. We’re able to log all service calls, emails, sales prospects, and send policy renewal reminders. This allows us to provide a strong paper trail if and when we may need to resolve any E&O issues."

Mike R.
Fortress Benefits

"With AgencyBloc, we have a different dynamic. We keep all of our agency's activities in one place, and account managers are more efficient in addressing the service needs of our clients. Being this organized helps us dedicate time to growing the business instead of dealing with the difficulties of managing other CRM systems."

Andreas G.
Core Benefits Insurance Services

"AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline works! I am able to add new opportunities, track them through to completion, and create views that let me know in an instant what opportunities are open and working."

Kevin K.

"We have been very satisfied with AgencyBloc. With the new Sales Pipeline, we are able to track our leads even better than we had hoped for. AgencyBloc gives us the ability to track all activities and have an easy way to find the history for any action taken over time. We are able to track individual client information and group clients in such detail that it was an obvious move for us."

Renee W.
Southwest Insurance Solutions