AgencyBloc dashboard on laptop

Agencies Using AgencyBloc Are Seeing Results:

  • Increase client retention to 90%+
  • Grow your book of business by 40%+
  • Save 100 hours every renewal period in sending notices to clients
  • Cut time spent quoting and creating benefits proposals in half for small groups (with Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution)
  • Spend 50% less time generating reports
  • Find tens of thousands of dollars in missed commissions from carriers

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A Tried and Tested Agency Management Platform

  • Capterra 4.8
  • Google 5.0
  • GetApp 4.8
  • G2 4.7
  • SoftwareAdvice 4.7

See Real Client Experiences

"AgencyBloc gives us the power to truly be professional. When a client calls, within seconds we can have them on our screen and see our past conversations. Before, we could only capture 20-30% of our missed commissions, now we’re able to rectify over 90% of our outstanding payments. AgencyBloc gives us the tools and the confidence grow because we know where and how we’re growing."

David H.
Hübler Insurance Services

"Using AgencyBloc gives us a leg up against other agents/agencies because we’re able to track and manage our commissions in ways no one else can. Nobody has the capabilities of tracking and paying splits; it’s a marketing angle for us to ‘acquire’ other books-of-business. The system is logical and makes sense and has helped us make our process much more streamlined and efficient."

Matt M.
InsureOne Benefits

"I finished commissions in record time this month—5 hours!!! Down from 5 DAYS with our previous CRM!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love AgencyBloc!!!!"

Verlee B.
SIMA Benefits Consulting Group

"Our transition to AgencyBloc was extremely smooth and their support along the way was invaluable. We feel like we finally have a database from the 21st century!"

Caroline D.
Comprehensive Benefits Planning, Inc.

"Finally, we got AgencyBloc, and it has been a pleasure. We had our own personal rep to work with to transfer the info from our old system to AgencyBloc, and she did a remarkable job—especially since our old system wasn't made for health insurance. AgencyBloc can be accessed by any and all of our different departments at anytime and they can even work from home with the same access. I would highly recommend AgencyBloc."

Christine U.
Wellness Plans Now, LLC