Use an agency management system to streamline communication with your downline, contracted, or in-house agents.

Internal communication with agents is a crucial part of any successful health, benefits, or senior market insurance business. Yet, it can be a significant challenge without the right tools in place. 

AMS+ helps streamline multi-agent communications with robust tools. Utilize the AMS+ Dashboard and workflow automation tools to assign tasks and increase awareness and agent retention.

The insurance automation in AMS+ uses predetermined scenarios to automate task assignments and email or text message communications. Whenever data is updated or created, a workflow can kick off to notify the agent of record. Use automation to assign tasks to agents immediately to alert them of crucial information, like new leads or ones needing attention. 

Automation ensures your staff and agents receive the right information at the right time, creating more effective internal communication and allowing them to do their job more effectively.

Agent activity list in AgencyBloc

Managing Agent Workloads in AMS+

Agents are assigned Activities in one of three ways:

  • Automatically generated by workflow automation tools
  • Created by another employee and assigned to the agent
  • Created by the agent and assigned to themselves

When the task is assigned to the agent of record, they can conveniently access the task and all records associated with it. This helps them prioritize tasks based on importance and determine next steps.

Agent licenses screen in AgencyBloc

Agent License & E&O Management

Protect your agents by keeping their licenses and coverages up-to-date. Use the insurance automation tools in AMS+ to alert agents of upcoming renewals for their insurance license and E&O coverage. Then, store those documents in the agent’s profile in AMS+ for an easily accessible, permanent digital paper trail.

See Real Client Experiences

"We began using AgencyBloc in 2014, and it has been a blessing every day since! AgencyBloc allows us to access client information in the office, at home, or out in the field. The customer service provided by AgencyBloc is top-notch! Using AgencyBloc has helped our administrators and agents be more efficient and effective in managing business and our clients."

Cathy D.
American Eagle Insurance Agency, LLC

"With AgencyBloc, we can finally reduce 3 separate applications we were using into one! Our previous CRM was only available to admin staff. Opening access to our agents with AgencyBloc is extremely helpful and has been a timesaver for our admins. AgencyBloc Support always replies with excellent answers, and I receive a response within a day!"

Sara T.
Strong Family Financial LLC

"If you are a life and health agent, this is the platform you need! This platform will provide you with functions you can set up to market and keep in touch with your clients. The capabilities are endless, and it is a software you can grow into and not have to worry about growing out of it. I see all Medicare and individual health coverage and can pull reports or establish workflows based on my company's needs."

Carmen P.
Elite Choice Agency

"AgencyBloc has been an integral part of my business for the past 7+ years. It has helped me scale my book of clients as well as bring on other agents. It keeps all of my data secure and organized. The team is very responsive whenever I have a question or need help with the tool. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as a best-in-class CRM for any individual agent."

Brian K.
Plan Medicare

"We have used AgencyBloc for over 5 years, and it has been invaluable for managing our book of business, our agents, and our compensation. As we continue to grow, AgencyBloc continues to add features and efficiencies, especially in the Commissions module. Their support teams are responsive & committed to solutions."

Debbie C.
Buffalo Insurance Group LLC

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