Group enrollment solutions tailored for health insurance and benefits agencies.

Regain control of the enrollment process by using a system built specifically for the group health insurance industry. Quote+ makes the employee election and enrollment process significantly more efficient by breaking down the steps and centralizing all of the data. Want to complete enrollment without the employee election portion? Quote+ allows agents to bypass the employee election and complete the enrollment process in their stead.

Initiate the group health enrollment process once plans have been chosen by the employer group. Simply pick the plans for the enrollment process from our vast product library, assign them to the employer group, and press send. You can set up the whole enrollment process for one group in under 30 minutes. 

After that, the guided enrollment system within Quote+ will walk employees through every pertinent question to gather a comprehensive record for each employee and dependent. Easily assign the medical health questionnaire to medically underwritten, level-funded, or self-funded plans, too.

This whole process benefits the agent because they maintain control throughout, increasing the accuracy of the data and improving their customer service.

Medical health questionnaire in Quote+

Guided, Broker-Controlled Enrollment

As the group’s advisor, you can control when enrollment begins, the plan options employees have, if the employees need to elect coverage, and which additional forms employees need to complete. This allows you to stay informed and ensures the process is done accurately.

How to choose forms in Quote+ to attach to group enrollment and elections

Attach Additional Forms for Personalized Enrollment

Need additional forms signed to finish the enrollment process? Easily add any form to the enrollment process to ensure employees see and sign them. That data is compiled with the rest of the enrollment and MHQ data, if applicable, to be sent directly to the carrier.

See Real Client Experiences

"I have found everyone in the company to be very helpful and supportive."

Rick G.
Goodman Agency

"We are extremely satisfied with the database and the company. Their response time to questions or concerns is excellent and they keep updating the database to provide more options we didn't even know we wanted. I would highly recommend this database to any business."

Wendi J.
Stateline Senior Services

"I've been using AgencyBloc for 5 years. At first, I was very worried about the transition and learning the software, but AgencyBloc's staff is helpful, patient, and nice. Now, I wonder how I ever lived (and did my job as the one who pays the agents) without it. It makes my job a breeze! I would recommend AB to everyone."

Tiffany S.
Health Insurance Associates

"I've been an Agency Bloc customer for about 10 years. Their services have allowed me to grow my customer base by having data at my fingertips on every home visit — which leads to plenty of referrals. They always help me with customizing their user interface as my needs have evolved over time. AgencyBloc provides varying levels of functionality to meet your current and future needs, letting their product grow with your business."

Alan M.
Maine Senior Insurance, LLC

"A couple of years ago, in 2022, AgencyBlcc was able to help find my company $22,000 in missing commissions. It was really awesome that AgencyBloc found that much missing money, and after ten years of paying for Commissions+, that one year paid for everything. And then some."

Cindy D.
Brevard Health Advantage

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