Ensure every lead is assigned to an agent with the integrated lead routing software in AMS+, an AgencyBloc solution.

When it comes to sales, speed-to-contact is essential—and that can’t happen until the lead is assigned to an agent. Make this process easier with the customizable lead routing and lead assignment tools in AMS+.

Regardless if the lead comes in through an integrated lead form, lead post, or via the lead import, AMS+ can automatically assign leads to the right agent to increase awareness and speed up the sales process. 

Easily import leads with the lead import tools in AMS+

Easy-to-Use Lead Import Tool

Quickly load leads into AMS+ with the lead import tool. Use an existing list of leads, like Facebook leads or lists through a vendor. Then, import that data directly into your account. Once the leads come in, your team can start to work, nurture, and convert them.

Customizable Lead Routing Rules in AMS+

Create Customizable Lead Routing Rules 

The lead routing tools in AMS+ automate the process of assigning new leads to your agents. Customize the lead routing rules to make it work for you. Base the rules on criteria like lead source, state, or county, then assign them in a round-robin fashion. Automating this process saves your sales team time and allows them to do what they do best: sell.

Lead & Sales Analysis in AMS+

Lead & Sales Analysis

Get a breakdown of your leads with the Sales Dashboard in AMS+.  View leads in specific buckets, like hot or cold leads, and see the number of leads you have for each type. Use this information to gain essential insight into the health of your sales process and prospecting pipeline.

See Real Client Experiences

"Thanks to AgencyBloc, our office has been able to focus our efforts on selling more policies and spending more time interacting with our clients. Our sales are up 11% in the last year. Moving to AgencyBloc upgraded our ability to interact with our clients, our mental health, and our workflow. I’m so happy we made the switch. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner."

Melany P.
The Integrity Group

"AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline works! I am able to add new opportunities, track them through to completion, and create views that let me know in an instant what opportunities are open and working."

Kevin K.

"We have been very satisfied with AgencyBloc. With the new Sales Pipeline, we are able to track our leads even better than we had hoped for. AgencyBloc gives us the ability to track all activities and have an easy way to find the history for any action taken over time. We are able to track individual client information and group clients in such detail that it was an obvious move for us."

Renee W.
Southwest Insurance Solutions

"AgencyBloc is amazing, simple to use, user friendly, and has impeccable staff. They are always looking for new ways to improve and truly listen to their clients. They recently launched a sales pipeline feature that has truly changed the game for a one-stop-shop for all things CRM and insurance management! Must try!!"

Trudy P.
Diversified Life Solutions Brokers Ltd.

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