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Streamline your commissions processing in an industry-specific CRM with commission capabilities. AgencyBloc’s Commission Module ties agents, policies, and commissions together for a complete view of a policy’s commission structure, each agent’s payout, and more. 

AgencyBloc's Commission Module follows six steps to efficiently track incoming commissions, scan for inaccurate payments, and monitor outgoing payments. These steps help ensure accuracy and find any discrepancies in your records. 


  • Commission management
  • Missed and inaccurate commission payment tracking
  • Customizable agent rate structures
  • Automated carrier commission statement mapping
  • Agent statement generator
  • Reporting tools & real-time data analysis
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JTS Financial

Learn how JTS Financial's commission team is able to gain over 90 hours back every month, cut commissions processing time by almost 75%, and save nearly $33,000 every year.


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FAQs About Commissions Management

Commissions Management FAQs

  • Commission processing is the tracking and processing of payments to agencies and agents for selling insurance products. This can get complicated quickly when there are a multitude of different agents, carriers, products, and payout structures in play. Being able to keep track of all of these—and make sure they are accurate—is important for paying producers correctly and planning for your business's growth. AgencyBloc's Commission Module allows you to accurately track and calculate this information while saving time by cutting down on manual tracking. Schedule a demo to learn more about this solution.

  • Missing commissions is something every insurance agency wants to prevent because this is money your agency is owed that it’s not receiving. This can happen when carriers are a couple of months behind on their payments, if a policy gets canceled without your agency's knowledge, or by human errors. AgencyBloc's Commission Module can help you identify these missed payments quickly so your agency can rectify the miss sooner. Learn more about how AgencyBloc finds missed commissions.

  • AgencyBloc's Commission Module saves insurance agencies and brokers time by reducing the repeated manual entry of large commissions, making tracking split payments efficient, quickly finding missed or inaccurate payments, and much more. Our clients have found that they have cut time spent on commission processing by 75-95%. Learn more about how AgencyBloc solutions can make your organization's commission processing more efficient.

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"Since utilizing the commission feature on AgencyBloc, I now have the necessary time to help our customers. Also, the customer service that AgencyBloc extends is beyond compare. With AgencyBloc, you can be as detail oriented as you like, and rest assured that they will be there to assist you 100%."

Cathy B.
Camas Prairie & Seyer Insurance

"Using AgencyBloc gives us a leg up against other agents/agencies because we’re able to track and manage our commissions in ways no one else can. Nobody has the capabilities of tracking and paying splits; it’s a marketing angle for us to ‘acquire’ other books-of-business. The system is logical and makes sense and has helped us make our process much more streamlined and efficient."

Matt M.
InsureOne Benefits

"I can’t express enough how user-friendly AgencyBloc is. The ease of it makes my life so much easier. Commissions used to take me a day or two using our old program. Now I’m done in 20-30 minutes. Customer service, should you need anything, is absolutely a joy to work with and super friendly! I highly recommend AgencyBloc to anybody considering a more user-friendly database—you won’t regret it!"

Tammy K.
Riske Brown

"I finished commissions in record time this month—5 hours!!! Down from 5 DAYS with our previous CRM!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love AgencyBloc!!!!"

Verlee B.
SIMA Benefits Consulting Group

"Agency Bloc has drastically reduced my time in processing commissions. The most helpful feature has definitely been the ability to import commissions statement spreadsheets from the carrier. It has saved me hours of manual formatting work! A task that used to take me 4 to 6 painstaking hours with our previous system now takes less than 30 minutes. It is also so much easier to quickly find and fix errors, update splits, balance our monthly commissions, etc."

Miranda B.
Peters & Milam Insurance Services