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AgencyBloc Quote+ Solution

Benefits Management, Simplified

As an employee benefits agency, it can be hard to keep all of your records organized and in one place for each and every one of your employer groups and their numerous policies and employees.

AgencyBloc’s platform was designed with you in mind. Centralize all of your employer, employee, dependent, and relationship data in one place with industry-specific policy management tools. Add in AgencyBloc’s leading group benefits and proposal solution, Quote+, to streamline your process and make managing your benefits business easier than ever before.

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"Using AgencyBloc gives us a leg up against other agents/agencies because we’re able to track and manage our commissions in ways no one else can. Nobody has the capabilities of tracking and paying splits; it’s a marketing angle for us to ‘acquire’ other books-of-business. The system is logical and makes sense and has helped us make our process much more streamlined and efficient."

Matt M.
InsureOne Benefits

"AgencyBloc has taken my business to the next level. I worked at a small agency, it took the owner hours to do commissions each month and I never really trusted that they were being paid appropriately. AgencyBloc is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. There are so many tools to help keep me efficient and my clients love the communication. Now I don't have to hope my commissions are being paid correctly either. Their staff is knowledgeable and engaged in the entire process. I would highly recommend AgencyBloc."

Marcie S.
Capitol Benefits Group

"AgencyBloc has been an integral part of my business for the past 7+ years. It has helped me scale my book of clients as well as bring on other agents. It keeps all of my data secure and organized. The team is very responsive whenever I have a question or need help with the tool. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as a best-in-class CRM for any individual agent."

Brian K.
Plan Medicare

An AMS That Helps Your Benefits Agency Accomplish More

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FAQs About Our Group Benefits Agency Solutions

Group Benefits FAQ

  • Group benefits agency management & quoting software can help you save time and money, improve efficiency, and provide better customer service. Some of the specific benefits include:

    • Increased lead conversion rates with tools like email marketing, texting, online scheduling, and more
    • Increased efficiency within renewal management, quoting, and enrollment
    • Improved visibility into plan performance
    • Enhanced communication with employer groups and employees
    • Increased productivity with workflow automation

  • AgencyBloc's group benefits solutions, AMS+ and Quote+, provide a range of features tailored to group insurance professionals’ needs. These features include:

    • Enrollment Management: Simplify the enrollment process for group insurance plans, allowing for efficient data collection and management.
    • Communication Tools: Enhance communication with clients, policyholders, and carriers through email campaigns and document sharing.
    • Policy Tracking: Keep track of policy details and renewals to ensure everything is organized.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into your group benefits business with customizable reports and data analytics.
    • Compliance Management: Stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and ensure compliance with industry standards.

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