Automating Tasks, Reminders, & Communication

Do you ever feel (or even look like) the guy in the image above? Surrounded by post-it notes and paper files to remind you of upcoming to-dos, you likely feel overwhelmed and a little frustrated. 

Have you ever considered workflow automation to automate some of the tasks you tend to do a lot to rid yourself of the post-it reminders and paper checklists?

We define an automated workflow as a series of tasks created automatically when a specific event occurs. These tasks can be emails to prospects, activities assigned to agents, and much more. Automated workflows are built to increase efficiency and accuracy in each business process at your agency.

However, there are more benefits to automation than increasing efficiency or making your life easier. Often times, workflow automation includes some communication with clients meaning you’re staying in touch with them which is what they want. With automation, you’re able to keep regular contact with clients without adding any time or to-dos to your schedule.

Another major benefit of workflow automation is creating consistent processes. Once you find a process that works for you and your client, you can put automation to work for you. 

A good example of this is policy renewals. You can draw out the flow of what you’d like policy renewals to follow, and then set up automated emails and task assignments to ensure it gets done. 

If you’re unsure of what you’d automate in your agency, take a look at these 6 examples of automated workflows.

6 common tasks or communication that you should consider automating:

1. Happy Birthday

To keep in contact and stand out, send an email to any or all of your contacts wishing them a happy birthday. Did you know that only 44% of insurance clients heard from their agent in the last 18 months? Let your clients know that you’re thinking of them even when they aren’t actively buying coverage from you. Next time they’re in the market to buy, they’ll think of you first.

Client Happy Birthday Wishes

2. New Individual Prospect

When someone shows interest in your agency, you want to capitalize on that opportunity immediately. With automation, you can automatically create a task for someone to follow-up with the new prospect added to your database. With a due date and setting a priority (high!), they’ll know to reach out ASAP.

New Prospect Follow-up Automation

3. Lead Form Submitted

You should always be aiming to follow-up with leads immediately because 50% of sales go to the first vendor who responds. In fact, if you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them. 

Here’s where automation can serve you well. Automatically send an email to thank the new lead for their interest, confirm their submission on your form, and let them know you'll be reaching out. Then, assign an activity to an agent to be sure someone reaches out to the lead ASAP.

Lead Form Follow-up Automation

4. Policy Application Process

The difference between good insurance agencies and great insurance agencies is the degree of personalized service they offer their clients. You can add to your personalized service by keeping your clients in the loop throughout the policy application process. 

Think about sending an email to the potential policyholder at each stage of the process that you believe would be important for them to know, and automate this communication so it isn’t interrupting the rest of your day-to-day. Keep yourself or other agents on task with automated task assignment that ensures this process runs smoothly.

Policy Application Process Communication

5. Policy Renewal

Proactive communication around policy renewals is an incredibly important part of client retention. Get a jumpstart on policy renewals with an automated reminder to be sure it’s on the agent of record’s radar, and send an email to the policyholder to get them in the mindset as well. When you begin a task early, you’re more likely to complete it in a timely manner without feeling stressed.

Policy Renewal Automated Workflow

6. Agent License Expiration

Whether you’re thinking about your own license expirations or helping out agents you manage, reminders, for when their license expiration is approaching, are helpful and appreciated. This way, you’ll rest assured knowing you and your agents are on top of their licenses (and E&O expirations, if you automate those as well!).

Agent License Expiration Automation

What other processes could you see yourself using workflow automation for at your agency?

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This blog post was originally published on 9/26/2016; it was updated and republished on 9/17/2019.

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