[On-Demand Webinar] The CRM Data Migration Process

Worried about data migration when moving to a new system? Check out this agency's story.

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Organized book-of-business = better customer support = happy customers!

Listen to Jason Ferguson, CMO of New Horizons Insurance Marketing talk about his agency's experience with the data migration process as well as Adam Lewis, president of AgencyBloc, give tips and tricks for a successful migration process.

Find out how a clean and organized book-of-business can help you do what you do best: sell, better!

View the webinar now to see:

  1. What New Horizons Insurance Marketing was using before switching to AgencyBloc
  2. How New Horizons prepared their data for the switch
  3. How AgencyBloc helped in the data migration process
  4. How New Horizons is doing now in the new system

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Adam Lewis, AgencyBloc

Adam Lewis is the President of AgencyBloc. He will discuss the most important things to consider when approaching data migration. He discusses what to look for in an agency management system vendor in order to make the migration process as smooth as possible.

Jason Ferguson, New Horizons Insurance Marketing

Jason Ferguson is the CMO of New Horizons Insurance Marketing. He will discuss why his agency decided to switch agency management systems, how they prepared their data for the switch, and how the migration process went.