Stop Getting These Kinds of Testimonials from Your Clients

Testimonials from Your Clients

Not All Testimonials Are The Same

We all know testimonials are important for your agency to gain credibility with potential clients, but not all testimonials are the same. To get a useful testimonial from your clients, you have to know what to ask for and be able to guide your clients on what kind of testimonial you're looking for. No, that doesn't mean telling them what to say; it just means asking them the right questions to answer within their testimonials.

Common Problems with Testimonials

If clients don't know what direction to take with their testimonial for you, your testimonials might "offer little more than vague generalizations that don't provide enough social proof to influence client decisions." In the sea of testimonials your prospective clients will read, you want yours to stand out. How do you do that? Give your clients some guidance when asking them for testimonials.

Here's What You Should Ask Your Clients:

  1. What problem brought you to us? Ask your client to explain what their situation was like before they came to you.
  2. How did we help? This can include a lot of questions. Mainly, ask your client to tell you how your services helped them, how working with you was and about their overall experience with you.
  3. What is your situation like now? Ask your client to tell you how their life has been made easier now since they've been working with you. This could be efficiencies they've noticed or anything else they've experienced since starting to work with you.

Asking these three questions will help your clients to write more specific testimonials that will help readers understand how your company has actually made a difference with your clients. Want to know more on how you can ask for testimonials like these? Attend our upcoming BlocTalk webinar, presented by Rocket Referrals, discussing why you should always be asking for testimonials and how to gain a lot of them.

How to collect testimonials webinar

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on February 7, 2015 in Customer Experience

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