AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution can help you manage your insurance agency, GA, IMO/FMO, or call center from sales to servicing and back again.

When managing your insurance organization, there are many moving pieces. Your team is generating and nurturing leads in hopes of converting them to loyal clients while also maintaining relationships with your existing clients to improve your retention rates. But what tools do you use to ensure you’re accomplishing it all?

Today, most insurance organizations use a digital solution to manage their business, whether it’s a generic CRM or an industry-specific agency management system (AMS). Generic solutions are widely available and can work well for some, but they also come with timely and confusing customizations in order to make it work for your team.

With an industry-specific solution, it’s ready-made for your industry, but also offers the flexibility your organization needs to customize it to the business lines you sell, how your business operates, and more. Plus, as regulations change for the  health, benefits, and senior insurance space, an industry-specific management system will prioritize those changes and help your team stay compliant and competitive.

AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution is a scalable, industry-specific management system that helps independent insurance agencies, GAs, and IMO/FMOs stay compliant and accelerate growth. 

In this infographic, we’ll outline the features of both the sales and servicing areas of AMS+ and how they can work together to make your insurance organization more streamlined and efficient than ever before.

AMS+ infographic

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AMS+ Features to Help You Sell More Efficiently

Prospecting & Lead Management

AMS+ has powerful lead management and automation capabilities that help your team give the necessary attention to your prospects and ultimately turn more leads into clients. Create a workflow that automatically sends emails and text messages to prospects and assigns tasks to agents to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Lead Routing & Round-Robin Assignment

Gone are the days of receiving a new lead and manually assigning it to the right person. Use the lead routing and round-robin assignment features to automatically get your leads into the hands of the appropriate agent at your organization. Create your lead routing rules based on criteria like lead source, state, or county, and then assign leads directly or in a round-robin fashion.

Insurance-Specific VoIP Phone System

You might already use a VoIP or phone system at your organization, but having an insurance-specific solution takes it to the next level. While a generic solution can work, using a built-in phone system that will evolve with the industry is a game changer. As new rules and regulations come into play, our VoIP system will adjust to help you meet those in the most efficient way possible.

Electronic Compliance Management

Compliance with government rules and regulations is one of the top things agents and brokers struggle to maintain. Am I compliant? Do I have the necessary documents and information stored? How can I make compliance management more streamlined? The electronic compliance management tools in AMS+ make staying compliant a breeze. Electronically send SOA and ACA Consent to Contact documents to prospects and clients, and once you have the signed form, AMS+ will automatically store it for you.

Plus, the customized phone recording feature in the VoIP click-to-call dialer can be used to play automatic messages at the beginning of calls to maintain compliance. Your phone recordings will also be stored and saved automatically in AMS+ for easy compliance and reference.

Text Messaging & Communication Tracking

Send text messages to your prospects and clients directly from the AMS+ interface. Use the text messaging feature to check in with leads, get signatures on compliance documents, nurture the relationship, and more. 

In AMS+, your calls, text messages, emails, video calls, compliance documents, and more are all tracked and tied back to your prospects and clients. Instead of spending precious time manually logging your touchpoints, it’s all done for you so you can focus on what matters most: selling.

Quoting & Proposal Tools

Streamline your group quoting, proposal building, and enrollment processes with AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution. With Quote+, your team can gather quotes for medically underwritten plans, community rated plans, and ancillary products — all in one place. You can also easily collect employee health information with our Medical Health Questionnaire. Then, when it’s time to present quotes to your employers, export the proposal from Quote+, and it’s ready to review with your clients. Once a proposal is chosen, use Quote+ to gather enrollment data and securely send data to carriers all within the Quote+ system.

If you’re a General Agency (GA), use Quote+ to gain unparalleled insight into your downline networks. Get access to downline performance reports to receive visibility like never before so you can help your agents become as successful as possible.

Retain More Clients with the Servicing Area of AMS+

Policy Tracking

Managing your clients’ policies is the bedrock of any insurance organization. In AMS+, the insurance policy-specific tools give you a comprehensive view of each policy, the information tied to that policy, and who is associated with the policy. You can easily navigate to the policyholder and find demographic data, a history of communication, signed compliance documents, and more.

Then, use Commissions+ to ensure you’re getting paid the right amount for each policy, and utilize the graphs in the AMS+ dashboard to monitor in-force policy saturation, policy coverage type breakdown, new policies, and more.

Workflow Automation

Take advantage of workflow automation to reduce the time spent manually assigning tasks, sending emails, and more. This can significantly improve your client retention rate by automatically sending communications to clients for their birthday, client anniversary, and more.

Agent Management

Whether you are an independent agency with a small number of internal agents or an upline with many downline agents, managing your agents and effectively communicating with them is essential. Workflow automation in AMS+ can automatically assign tasks or send emails to agents, helping them stay on task and ensuring they stay current with their licenses and coverages. Plus, you can get a high-level overview of your agents’ workloads using Activities all within AMS+.

Carrier Data Management

Manage the carriers you work with all in one place. Keep track of carrier contact information, current carrier contracts, conversations with carriers, carrier products you sell, commissions you’ve received from that carrier, and more.

Commissions Processing & Management

Every insurance organization has to manage commissions in one way or another. But with AgencyBloc’s Commissions+ solution, commissions processing is easier than ever before. Commissions+ gives you a complete view of a policy’s commission structure and helps uncover missing commissions payments from carriers and uplines. We’ve seen Commissions+ clients cut their commissions processing time by 75% and find thousands in missing compensation!

Data Analytics

Use the Dashboard in AMS+ to get a quick overview of how your organization is performing. See a high-level look at activity, sales, retention, policies, commissions, and more. For an in-depth look at your team’s performance, use the Reports function. Use one of our pre-built Sales, Servicing, Agency, or Commission Reports, or build your own custom report to find the exact data and information you’re looking for.

No matter what type of insurance organization you are, it’s crucial to use a tech partner that helps you successfully sell and service your prospects and clients. With AMS+, your team has the powerful tools to do both. The best way to see how AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution can help your insurance organization grow and become more efficient is through a 1-on-1 demo

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