The newest offering within the Quote+ solution provides General Agencies with increased transparency into their downline networks.

CEDAR FALLS, IA: AgencyBloc, provider of growth enablement insurtech solutions catering to the health, senior, and benefits industries, ushers in a new standard of transparency with the latest innovation in their Quote+ solution.  

Traditional quoting systems lack the ability for General Agencies (GAs) to efficiently quote, enroll, and establish a comprehensive view of their downline distribution channels. AgencyBloc’s Quote+ introduces a new layer of visibility that provides unparalleled insights from the upline to their downlines network. With the Quote+ platform, GAs gain the benefits of data-centric analysis and reporting on downline performance and insights into individual downline books of business all in one convenient location.  

Kayleen Popp, AgencyBloc
“As GAs navigate the dynamic world of small group benefits, the support they extend to downline agents emerges as a crucial factor in their success,” said Kayleen Popp, Product Director at AgencyBloc. “The synergistic blend of streamlined processes and comprehensive data visibility within Quote+ empowers GAs and their downline channels, fostering increased efficiency and effectiveness in the group benefits arena.”

As an integral component of AgencyBloc’s Plus Suite, Quote+ stands at the forefront as a technological disruptor, offering GAs an all-encompassing platform to streamline small group benefits quoting and enrollment processes. Built with a comparative quoting experience, GAs have the capability to improve quoting efficiency by 50%, fostering a seamless and enhanced operational environment.

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