If you’re a benefits insurance agency that sells to employer groups or a general agency (GA) that manages downlines, then it’s essential to have tools that simplify group quoting and enrollment. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how different types of insurance organizations use AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution to streamline the group quoting and enrollment process and save time. Specifically, we’ll focus on the following:

Regardless of the size of your group benefits insurance organization, these are main features of Quote+:

  • Multi-carrier online marketplace with extensive product and plan library
  • Medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary product quoting
  • Integrated medical health questionnaire surveys
  • Employer and employee data tracking
  • Customizable employer-ready benefit proposals
  • Optimized data & HIPAA-compliant forms for enrollment
  • Auto-filled carrier-specific forms built directly into Quote+
  • Automated form submission to multiple carriers at once
  • Pre-built agency-focused and group-focused reports

Group quoting and enrollment tools are essential to create efficiencies in your benefits agency and allow GAs to provide better downline support. However, integrating your quoting and enrollment solution with your industry-specific management platform, like an agency management system (AMS), will allow all of your teams to work smarter. AgencyBloc’s Quote+ and AMS+ solutions work together to create a seamless process for your teams to sell, quote, retain, manage commissions, and perform data analysis.

How Sole Proprietor, Independent Group Benefits Agents/Brokers Use Quote+

Even if you’re a sole proprietor or single independent agent, your book of business is still a business. So, it’s essential that you have efficiencies and tools in place that streamline your processes. 

The number of carriers you contract with or quote will inform your overall need for a quoting and enrollment tool. Likewise, the complexity and size of your employer groups will determine what type of tool you need.

However, if you’re looking to grow, diversify product offerings, expand carrier contracts, or provide your clients with the best, most competitive small group insurance plans, it’s essential to have a group-focused quoting and enrollment tool at your disposal.

The more carriers you contract with and the more groups you quote will drastically increase the time you dedicate to the quoting, proposal building, and enrolling process. Then, if you factor in quoting both medically underwritten and ACA plans, that time commitment can grow. 

Shopping and comparing quotes from multiple carriers is time-consuming, especially when visiting online portals individually. 

So, what benefits do single independent brokers find with AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution? The two main benefits are:

  1. Ability to grow
  2. Increase competitive edge

Quote+ provides a multi-carrier online plan and product marketplace of available quotes for:

  • Medically underwritten, level-funded, and self-funded plans
  • Community rated, fully-insured, and ACA products (including age-banded rates)
  • Ancillary products (including dental and vision)
  • Multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) plans (or similar)

The online marketplace helps sole proprietor benefits brokers grow their book of business and provide better, more competitive options to their employer groups — which increases client retention. 

Likewise, Quote+ has a dedicated Support Team that is here to help you thrive and answer any technical questions from your employer groups. Not finding a specific carrier or plan in your area? Or is an employee having issues with enrollment? Our Support Team is here to help, so you don’t have to worry. 

Quote+ also provides functionality for group benefits general agencies (GA). If you’re a solo agent who works with a GA for group benefits insurance, you and your GA can use Quote+ to streamline processes, increase transparency, and save significant time.

How Independent Group Benefits Insurance Agencies Use Quote+

Like sole-proprietor insurance brokers and agents, group benefits insurance agencies can benefit greatly from using AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution. 

All organizations using Quote+ have access to the same industry-leading quoting and enrollment tools:

  • Extensive multi-carrier product and plan library of medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary products (including age-banded rates, MEWAs, etc.)
  • Integrated group benefits tools like medical health questionnaire surveys, census management, and employee and dependent demographic data tracking
  • Customizable employer-ready proposals for side-by-side comparison
  • Optimized, HIPAA-compliant carrier enrollment forms that are auto-filled and backed by proprietary error-check technology
  • Pre-built agency-focused and employer-focused reports that drill down into usage, overall health assessments, and more

Quote+ is designed for employee benefits insurance agencies of all sizes, regardless of the number of offices/locations you have or the number of agents on your team. Load the office locations into your account and start the quoting process — it’s as simple as that!

Using the industry-leading group quoting and enrollment tools in Quote+, your group benefits insurance agency can:

  • Significantly cut the time your team spends shopping quotes in separate carrier portals
  • Identify the best plans for each employer group with pre-configured filters for information like deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, networks, HSA eligibility, metal level, and more
  • Increase your competitive advantage by pivoting faster and quickly providing new plans and quotes for employer groups to consider
  • Quote different types of group health insurance plans (medically underwritten, community rated, MEWA, etc.)
  • Reduce the back-and-forth process of submitting forms to carriers
  • Improve client retention and better support year-round qualifying life event changes
  • Alleviate the need to be technical support for employees during the enrollment process as AgencyBloc’s dedicated Support Team is here to answer those questions

How Group Benefits General Agencies (GAs) Use Quote+

For general agencies that contract downline benefits agencies and agents, the support you provide can make all the difference.

AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution has custom-built functionality designed to help GAs be more competitive and offer better support. Offer the Quote+ group quoting and enrollment tools to your downlines, then easily navigate between their accounts to support them during the quoting and enrollment process. 

We all know that enrollment season is busy. Quote+ gives your teams the tools to support downlines during this season. Shop multi-carrier and multi-product quotes, create benefits proposals, initiate medical health questionnaires, complete enrollment, and send forms to carriers, all on behalf of your downlines. 

Insurance is a relationship business, and the group quoting and enrollment process can be tedious. The more support your GA provides to your downlines, the higher your chance of retaining them year-to-year. Providing industry-specific tools that help downlines work smarter and also allow your team to assist and support them could be your differentiator. 

Quote+, the Fastest-Growing Group Quoting & Enrollment Tool

AgencyBloc's Quote+ solution supports the needs and goals of employee benefits agents, agencies, and general agencies. Our integrated group benefits quoting and enrollment tools allow your teams to streamline processes and, most importantly, save time. Organizations using Quote+ can cut their time spent quoting, building proposals, collecting health data, managing enrollments, sending forms to carriers, and supporting employer groups by 50%!

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