8 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Insurance Sales

optimizedInsurance agents need to be viewed as credible and knowledgeable to their prospects. The best way to position yourself as credible and knowledgeable is to become a resource for them. When someone is looking to purchase life or health insurance they will have all kinds of questions and the first place they are looking for that information is online.

Part of a successful inbound marketing approach is to make sure you and your content can be easily found online. 

Have you Googled yourself lately?

Your prospects have.

One of the top results is usually your LinkedIn profile...

Linkedin Search

So how can you optimize your LinkedIn profile for insurance sales?

"The best reps are not just present in social media, they position themselves as credible and influential sources in customer networks." Sales Executive Council 

  1. Start with a professional photo
    This doesn't have to be professionally done per se but just keep in mind that first impressions matter and a lot of times your LinkedIn profile picture will be the first time prospects actually see your face. 
  2. Don't go overboard with your headline
    Your headline will be shown next to your name throughout LinkedIn so it will be the first thing prospects read next to your name. This isn't the place to put contact information or other "salesy" things. Keep it simple.

    Example: "Experienced insurance consultant at ABC Insurance"
  3. Tell your story - but keep it brief
    Use the Summary section to tell your background and what got you to where you are. This will help in gaining prospects trust. Tell your story here but don't get too long winded. Keep it professional and well written. Make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors. Remember, this is one of the first impressions you're leaving on prospects.
  4. Back up your story with proof
    The Experience section is where you will showcase your years of experience and gain more trust from prospects. List all of the professional jobs that you've had and explain what you did in each position.

    If you don't have tons of experience don't worry, just list the professional experience you do have and explain the value that you can provide.
  5. Put your hard work on display
    After the experience section you can showcase your "Agent of the Year" award and any other awards from local affiliations or community groups. These don't have to be just industry specific awards though. Any honors, awards, certificates, volunteer experience, and special courses will all show prospects that you're involved and can be trusted.
  6. Have others back up what you're saying
    You've used most of your profile talking about yourself now it's time to back it up with recommendations and endorsements. Start browsing LinkedIn for people you've previously done business with and ask for a recommendation. It's standard practice to reciprocate a recommendation so keep that in mind when asking. Also, find people who you've previously worked with and endorse them for the skills that they have - this will usually be reciprocated as well.
  7. Get connected!
    The number of connections you have on LinkedIn is a golden number for sales professionals. More connections means more exposure to prospects. When you meet someone, search for them on LinkedIn and connect with them right after the meeting. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a business networking platform so you don't need to be best friends with someone to connect with them. Make connection invites personal if you can.
  8. Share your content and get active
    LinkedIn provides another place to share your content and help get it in front of prospects. As you create new content share it on LinkedIn (as well as your other social networks).

    Join groups and take part in the discussion. Below is a list of some relevant LinkedIn Groups that you should join if you haven't already:

How effective is LinkedIn?

According to Hubspot, a study of over 5,000 businesses showed that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%). 

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Mike Ivory

By Mike Ivory on August 25, 2014 in Online Marketing

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