Why You Should Be Looking at an AMS

Why You Should Be Looking at an AMS

What is an AMS?

An Agency Management System (AMS) is a SaaS (software as a service) or client-based software that insurance agencies use to organize their book-of-business and more effectively run their operations.

When people hear the term “AMS” they often connect it with a generic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Although they’re similar, a CRM is only one component of an AMS. To learn all the differences between the two, check out our free eBook: AMS vs. CRM: What you need to know.

Why an AMS?

If you’re still managing your book-of-business through paper or Excel files, then ask yourself: “how much time do I spend looking through my notes or searching for specific spreadsheets?” Reliable Plant found that 4.3 hours are spent every single week searching through paper files. To make matters worse, Market Watch found that 88% of Excel spreadsheets contain errors. So, when you finally find that paper you need, are you 100% sure the information is correct?

An industry-specific AMS (like AgencyBloc) allows you to organize, automate, and grow your insurance agency so you can serve your clients in a more efficient and effective manner. Independent Agent found that 44% of insurance agencies felt a significant increase in productivity after implementing an AMS in their office. Plus, LifeHealthPro listed CRMs (and industry-specific AMSs) as one of the top tech tools agents need in 2017.

“The leading developers are building more powerful analytic capabilities into their CRMs [and AMSs], making the programs more robust and indispensable for marketing and practice management.”

Independent Agent found that as many as 90% of all US insurance agencies utilize an AMS, and that number is growing every year. A recent survey by AgencyBloc found that 15% of insurance agencies are planning to upgrade to an industry-specific AMS for the first time in 2017.

Why now?

Sometimes, 50-60 hours just doesn’t seem like quite enough time to accomplish everything you need to get done in a week. Then, after working so much, it’s more difficult to provide excellent service to your clients and take part in the things you love.

This means that spending X-amount of hours every week searching through potentially error-riddled files might not be the best use of your time. To gain more time back in your week, you may want to consider upgrading to an industry-specific Agency Management System (AMS) that allows you to be more efficient, keeps your organized, and helps you reduce the prevalence of errors.

So why now? The truthful answer is, the longer you wait, the harder the transition will be.

What about AgencyBloc?

AgencyBloc is a whole-office agency management system designed specifically for life and health insurance agencies. Our software is built with an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing component, and integrated business and marketing automation. We’re here to help make your insurance agency more organized and efficient so that you can grow into the future and meet the goals you’ve set. Learn more about AgencyBloc and how our features could benefit your insurance agency by watching our overview video.

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Schedule a live, one-on-one demo with one of our experienced sales reps and learn how you can customize AgencyBloc to fit your insurance agency’s needs.

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