Loud Noises + Dust + Paint = The Brand New Des Moines Office

By Allison Babberl on February 16, 2018 in Life at AgencyBloc

Loud Noises + Dust + Paint = The Brand New Des Moines Office


Beginning of the Construction


End of Construction

2017 was such a big year for us! Our Des Moines office moved into a new space and we quickly outgrew it. So, we expanded (again)! Now, after many months of construction, loud noises, and dust, we have officially moved into our expanded new space! 

We're still moving in, figuring out the kinks—especially the thermostat, finding time to hang our whiteboards and tvs, and patiently waiting for the rest of our furniture. But, all of the important stuff is here: our work spaces, snack cupboard, fridge, and coffee maker (you don't want to see us without coffee!). Take a minute or two and scroll through the photos of our progress of renovating our new home:

Construction In Progress

Hallway Under Construction

Construction of The Meeting Space

Introduction of Carpet

Now, here are some photos of the finished space

New Conference Room


Campfire space

Kitchen space

Quiet office space

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