#1 Agency Recommended Management Platform

Ashley M.

 You've got to get AgencyBloc. There is no other system. I couldn't do anything without it!
—Kaylavon M., MediSolutions, LLC
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Matt T., Central Ohio Group Insurance Agency, Inc.

"I truly did not know the value that I was getting when I first signed up with AgencyBloc. In the first year alone, my savings on commissions processing and recovering missing commissions payments more than paid for my AgencyBloc subscription. It has saved me money and it has made me money."


Hilda S., Golden Light Insurance

"AgencyBloc's Workflows and that Sales Pipeline have taken my agency to the next level. They have freed up so much time. I might forget to do something, but AgencyBloc doesn't, and those automated processes make me money."


April H., Hartloff Benefit Solutions, LLC

"We were losing prospects and losing business. There is never going to be a good time to change your CRM. It was the beginning of Medicare OEP and our busiest time, but it was the best decision I've made for this agency. Our last Open Enrollment was up 400% over the prior year."

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Renee D., Varney & Company Benefits Advisors

"AgencyBloc's level of security gives us peace of mind that our data and our clients' data is heavily protected, while still allowing our employees to easily access it on-the-go to best serve our clients."


Dominic S., Benefit Profiles Inc.

"AgencyBloc has helped us build our business. It's the perfect tool for benefits professionals. I think whether you're a general agent, one-man agency, or a 25-person agency, AgencyBloc is perfect."

  • In terms of the tool itself, the reporting features are phenomenal. The reports are completely customizable and you can pull all of the data points you're looking for in one report. The commissions feature of AgencyBloc is the best. It's cut my time spent on commissions in half. It's way more efficient.

    Ashley E. Ashley E. Seniority Benefit Group
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  • My bottom line is really that I wholeheartedly recommend this system.

    Morten S. Morten S. InsMed Insurance Agency
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  • AgencyBloc is our everything. It powers the operations of our entire agency. You can create a workflow for literally anything. We have workflows running in the background for every aspect of our business. Since moving to AgencyBloc, we have never missed a deadline; nothing has fallen between the cracks.

    Ashley M. Ashley M. Next Level Insurance
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  • Automated Workflow has helped our team stay organized and operate in the most efficient manner possible. It has really helped us build out our client service model and stay organized as we continue to utilize their great products going forward.

    Ned H. Ned H. Havern Benefits Strategies
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  • During Open Enrollment 3 years ago, AgencyBloc saved me 40 hours of time. I pulled 2 paper files during the whole OE period. Last year, we saved even more time. Honestly, I can't tell you when, in the last year and a half, I've pulled a paper file.

    Pam S Pam S. Redline Health
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  • AgencyBloc is the best decision I've ever made. My business has grown 20-30% and AgencyBloc has played a role in that.

    Randy W. Randy W. White Insurance Services
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  • My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I wish I had done AgencyBloc from the very beginning. Is AgencyBloc an investment? Yes. Does it cost money? Yes. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

    Debra L. Debra L. Benefit Choice Advisors, LLC.
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  • I recommend AgencyBloc to anybody who's running an agency and trying to keep track of agents, policyholders, and carriers. With AgencyBloc, you've got it all in one single place on the web, accessible 24 hours a day with backup. It's always been on for us. We've never skipped a beat.

    Lynn S. Lynn S. KHI Solutions
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  • We have been using AgencyBloc for about a year and a half. We've had a great experience so far and within that timeframe, we have been able to recover $69,000 in missed commissions, which has been amazing.

    Becca D. Becca D. United Producers Group
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  • AgencyBloc really allows us to run our office in the most efficient manner. What attracted us most was the Commission Module, which has alleviated a lot of our time and lets us be more productive. If you're thinking of exploring options for your agency management system, I'd definitely recommend AgencyBloc and give it 5 stars!

    Claudine N. Claudine N. AM Insurance Services
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  • AgencyBloc is the most functional and advantageous at one of the most economical prices. We now pay over 200 brokers and agents on a monthly basis, cut processing time by 30%, and our volume has increased 10 times.

    Brian K. Brian K. BOST Workplace Benefits
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  • I think one of the best things that I like about AgencyBloc is that it’s idiot-proof. You don’t have to go out and find ‘AgencyBloc for Dummies’. When you have a concept of where something should be in the system, it’s right there; it’s right where it should be.

    Janis V. Janis V. Health Insurance Advisor, LLC.
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  • AgencyBloc has taken our productivity to the next level, and the time savings has just been incredible. Effective and secure communication between our offices has always been an issue; AgencyBloc allowed us to eliminate multiple software programs for that, saving us $2,000 a year. Now, we're able to document any action with a client in an Activity, attach emails, and any team member from either office can pick it up with ease.

    Stephanie F. Stephanie F. Konecny Insurance Service
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  • We've been using AgencyBloc for about a year now, and I highly recommend taking the plunge and adding it to your tools to help you grow your business, stay organized, and automate your processes. It's been a lifesaver for me.

    Allison P. Allison P. Insurance by Price, LLC.
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  • We've been with AgencyBloc one year, and we love the streamlined processes. We wanted a system to centralize our client communications and commissions. AgencyBloc has saved us a significant amount of time; it allows me to do what I do best: finding new clients and training our agents.

    Vanessa V. Vanessa V. Voss Insurance Group
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  • I've been using AgencyBloc for about 3 years now. It totally keeps me organized. I couldn't exist without it! Thank you, AgencyBloc, for making my life more organized and productive.

    Linda R. Linda R. Medicare For Me, LLC.
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  • I can personally attest to the fact that we would not be able to keep up with production or maintain the reputation we have without AgencyBloc. It's one of the most valuable advancements our agency has seen. This transition has saved us 4x the cost of AgencyBloc just in administrative work.

    Jason S. Jason S. Stevens & Associates
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  • We have been using AgencyBloc for our commissions processing here at our FMO for several years, and we really wanted our full team to be able to take advantage of having a completely integrated, web-based system where we could view all agent data in one place.

    Laura G. Laura G. National Contracting Center
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  • We use AgencyBloc for all aspects of our agency regarding tracking agents, contracting, policies, commissions, and reporting. It's been a great asset to our agency.

    Linda R. Ellie P. Senior Enrollment Solutions
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  • The best part about AgencyBloc is that I can have all of my clients wherever I am. It's an absolutely incredible service for prospecting, for generating clients, but also for great customer retention. I recommend it for everyone.

    Zach T. Zack T. Swisher Insurance
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  • AgencyBloc has been wonderful. The Commissions Module has really been a lifesaver, and the help center has been such a great resource for me. I watch the video tutorials, research, and look for new ways to make our business more efficient. The best thing? You can log in from anywhere, which is great when you're remote.

    Vanya L. Vanya L. Capper's Insurance Service
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  • We used to track our commissions through Excel, but it was just too cumbersome. We considered building our own software, but in the end, we chose AgencyBloc and it was a very wise decision. It's already saving us money and we're catching things we never did with spreadsheets. I would recommend AgencyBloc every day, all day long.

    Susan B. Susan B. McIntosh/Booth Insurance
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  • AgencyBloc helps me manage 30 carriers, 4,000 policies, for over 400 groups. AgencyBloc has also saved me 80 hours in manual calculations for commissions and I would absolutely recommend them for all your commission needs.

    Loanna W. Loanna W. MGM Benefits Group
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  • AgencyBloc has been a fantastic addition to this agency. We are efficient, organized, professional. The activity feature keeps us on top of our schedule and allows us to retain a concise record of contact with our clients.

    Lisa R Lisa R. Lisa Reynolds Insurance Agency, LLC
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  • I'm really low-tech, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I could maneuver through the system. AgencyBloc has clearly helped my business 100%. It has helped me get organized and track things efficiently. As we get ready for another enrollment season, I am so happy I have AgencyBloc.

    Kerri S. Kerri S. Lawlen Insurance Solutions
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  • I adopted AgencyBloc about a year ago, and I consider it exceptional. I've integrated it with RingCentral, so as far as compliance, I am completely integrated now. I can record calls on demand, save them into my AgencyBloc, and have an archival record of everything.

    Mark R. Mark R. MediSmart Advisors
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  • My data came from a program we'd been using for 15 years. When we moved over to AgencyBloc, my data was in a fashion that it was all usable. Meaning, we didn't have to go through and re-sort, move things around, or trick the system to do what we needed it to do.

    Joe K. Joe K. Joseph Kidushim Insurance Services
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  • I knew I needed a CRM. I tried some of the free ones, but by the time I got them to do what I needed to do, I was paying for them. Frankly, I wasted over a year and hours of my time trying to make the others do what AgencyBloc does intuitively. AgencyBloc is designed for us. We're different from any other sales organization, and we need a different kind of CRM.

    Michelle G. Michelle G. Michelle's Insurance Solutions "Medicare Made Easy"
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  • One of the difficult things, when you're a single agent like I am, is that you don't have time to manage your database. I was really missing a complete database with all of my information in one place. AgencyBloc solved that problem for me. It has saved me hours every month of going through my commissions line by line. It's well worth the investment and the time to manage your data properly.

    Randy F. Randy F. Foulds Health Insurnance Agency
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  • AgencyBloc has been the best thing that we could have implemented here. Their team is so accessible and quick to answer. It's just fantastic for housing all of our information on our clients. We've cut our time in half in tracking down information about our clients. It really is a one-stop shop for everything that you're gonna need.

    Cait Y. Cait Y. Bridge Insurance Group
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  • I've been using AgencyBloc for 5 years, and I've been very pleased. I can customize it for my little patch of the world, and it runs really fast—especially when I'm running reports. The response time on customer service is also always really good.

    Kendall P. Kendall P. Price Insurance Services
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  • We are currently putting all of our client information into AgencyBloc, and with AgencyBloc, the possibilities seem endless! Reports and information that we often have to take time to collect from different places can be exported from AgencyBloc to a spreadsheet with one click.

    Sheryl C. Sheryl C. Vista Point Insurance Services
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  • With AgencyBloc, I can literally do my entire commission structure in just a few hours. We have not had a year yet that, through commission tracking and identifying unpaid commissions, the software has not paid for itself. In January, we identified 14 Medicare Advantage policies we had not been paid for, and that alone has paid for the software for the entire year.

    David H. David H. Horsey Insurance, LLC
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  • AgencyBloc has been with me for about 2 years now, and it's made a tremendous difference in how we track our information, interact with our clients, and stay compliant.

    Jennifer Z. Jennifer Z. Medicare Healthcare WE CARE
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  • We started with AgencyBloc about 4 years ago. At that time, we did an extensive review of the available systems, but it was a clear decision to go with AgencyBloc due to the breadth of services within the platform. It's a solid organization, and it's been an incredibly useful addition to our agency.

    Ken M. Ken M. Individual Health Solutions
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  • The thing that I like about AgencyBloc is it allows me to have better control and understanding of my commission from different carriers. The reason I think it’s so important to use AgencyBloc is to create activities to save time with your clients. When you say in touch with your clients, they feel like you know them and they know you.

    Craig F. Craig F. Senior Health Kentucky
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  • We've been with AgencyBloc now for a little over six months. I can't say enough great things about these guys. Fantastic system. Very, very user-friendly. Top-notch service. If you're looking for a fantastic system and great service, look no further than AgencyBloc.

    Craig H. Craig H. William & Michael Advisor Group LLC
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  • We've been using AgencyBloc now for about 5 years. AgencyBloc has been a really big blessing for us to have a comprehensive system in place. As the years have passed and our agency has grown, AgencyBloc has made this growth a lot easier to handle.

    Heather S. Heather S. Knapschaefer Insurance Agency
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  • Because I grew so fast, I was quite overwhelmed. So I thought the best thing I could do was find some tools. I found AgencyBloc through a recommendation. They understand insurance. It really is very intuitive. And I actually now see a light at the end of the tunnel where I'm going to be able to not just maintain my business, but I'm gonna be able to grow it and still have time for life. I spent 40 hours a month tracking commissions, and now I run a month's worth of commissions within a minute. It is life-changing.

    Cheryl B. Cheryl B. Ohio Medicare Helper
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  • We’ve been using AgencyBloc for a few years now, and it’s been a tremendously valuable tool for us. It’s helped make our office more efficient and definitely more profitable. If you’re looking for a tool to enhance your day-to-day operations, I highly recommend AgencyBloc.

    Rosario O. Rosario O. United American Financial, Inc.
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  • We use AgencyBloc on a daily over here. I really can't rave enough about how amazing it is. It's honestly all we could ask for in a sales software.

    Greg H. Greg H. Horne Insurance Agency
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  • I can attribute AgencyBloc to a large part of the retention that I have with my book of business. It really is a non-negotiable tool that you need in order to function, have systems in your business, and run a well-oiled machine type of a business.

    Jessalyn P. Jessalyn P. Your Medicare Maven
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  • I looked for a very long time for something for my small agency. I'm not a big agency. I don't do financial planning, I don't do P&C. I'm a life and health agent in the health insurance marketplace, and AgencyBloc is just a great fit for us.

    Cathy B. Cathy B. CB Health Insurance
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  • We've been a member of AgencyBloc for 5 years now. It's hard to put in words how much gratitude I have for this program and the people behind it.

    David E. David E. Integrity Advisors
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  • It was taking a few days a month to process and split our commissions between agents. We found the AgencyBloc. We were able to start using their software within just a few hours of learning it. It was awesome. And now it actually only takes a few hours a month to process commissions.

    Jennifer K. Jennifer K. J. Keyton Company
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  • AgencyBloc has been a very useful tool as it has allowed us to manage not only our leads and agents but also the flow of money. If you're considering AgencyBloc, we recommend giving it a try; you may end up loving it as much as we do.

    Kelly A. Kelly A. Metro Insurance & Financial Services
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  • AgencyBloc is very user-friendly, great to keep your book of business in order, and easy to assign things to agents. They are reasonably priced, and it'll help you build your business.

    Aurora C. Aurora C. Benefit Management Associates
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  • Something I've found impressive since I joined AgencyBloc is that AgencyBloc works for all agencies in the health and life industry. AgencyBloc can accommodate most agencies and has a layout all agency types can use and benefit from—even those who aren't familiar with a CRM.

    Dave B. Dave B. Brystra Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc is amazing, simple to use, user friendly, and has impeccable staff. They are always looking for new ways to improve and truly listen to their clients. They recently launched a sales pipeline feature that has truly changed the game for a one-stop-shop for all things CRM and insurance management! Must try!!

    Trudy P. Trudy P.Diversified Life Solutions Brokers Ltd.
  • Agency Bloc has drastically reduced my time in processing commissions. The most helpful feature has definitely been the ability to import commissions statement spreadsheets from the carrier. It has saved me hours of manual formatting work! A task that used to take me 4 to 6 painstaking hours with our previous system now takes less than 30 minutes. It is also so much easier to quickly find and fix errors, update splits, balance our monthly commissions, etc.

    Miranda B. Miranda B.Peters & Milam Insurance Services
  • We’ve found the reports to be extremely beneficial in helping us track our book of business. By using the cross-sell report in AgencyBloc, our top two brokers have each been able to grow their life books of business by 20%!

    Mark B. Mark B.Thompson-Brooks Insurance
  • AgencyBloc is incredibly user-friendly as an agency management tool not only from a technology perspective but from the support team as well. The platform itself is quick and easy for every line in my team. From producer, CSR, admins, and commissions personnel, it is a system that is quickly picked up and direct with its data points.

    Heather R. Heather R.Strachan Novak
  • I value AgencyBloc a lot. The automated drip campaigns especially are my favorite. I've been able to save 50 hours every Open Enrollment period just in client communications.

    Patrick O. Patrick O.Integrity Insurance
  • Since utilizing the commission feature on AgencyBloc, I now have the necessary time to help our customers. Also, the customer service that AgencyBloc extends is beyond compare. With AgencyBloc, you can be as detail oriented as you like, and rest assured that they will be there to assist you 100%.

    Cathy B.Camas Prairie & Seyer Insurance
  • We moved from GBS to AgencyBloc in 2016. The difference is night and day. We like that we can set up scheduled phone calls to clients and create follow-up activities that show up in our dashboards. We also set up the birthday email function so our clients receive a birthday message from us.

    Connie C. Connie C.Wevodau Insurance & Benefit Strategies, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc proved to be a PERFECT CHOICE for our office. My overall experience with AgencyBloc is 100% SATISFIED. My only regret is that I didn't change sooner, as this is a MUCH BETTER SYSTEM and MUCH EASIER TO WORK. We look forward to a very long relationship.

    Gary B. Gary B.Gary S Becker, Inc.
  • Using AgencyBloc gives us a leg up against other agents/agencies because we’re able to track and manage our commissions in ways no one else can. Nobody has the capabilities of tracking and paying splits; it’s a marketing angle for us to ‘acquire’ other books-of-business. The system is logical and makes sense and has helped us make our process much more streamlined and efficient.

    Matt M.InsureOne Benefits
  • AgencyBloc has streamlined our business. It has operationally helped us in more ways than one. We’ve been able to take our business to the next level and grow because of our partnership with AgencyBloc.

    Cristin H. Cristin H.The Brokerage, Inc.
  • Since starting using Automated Workflows less than 2 months ago, I've written 6 new clients and I have received 6 referrals for new business. AgencyBloc allows me to set up a workflow timeline for my entire book of business "hands off". The staff gets an email 10 days before a client's birthday and immediately following a new client's onboarding. I have provided a custom script to my staff, all they need to do is hand write the card. AgencyBloc is a very powerful system for automating those mundane tasks, it's so easy!

    Danny M. Danny M.Medicare101.net
  • AgencyBloc gives us the power to truly be professional. When a client calls, within seconds we can have them on our screen and see our past conversations. Before, we could only capture 20-30% of our missed commissions, now we’re able to rectify over 90% of our outstanding payments. AgencyBloc gives us the tools and the confidence grow because we know where and how we’re growing.

    David H. David H.Hübler Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc has taken my business to the next level. I worked at a small agency, it took the owner hours to do commissions each month and I never really trusted that they were being paid appropriately. AgencyBloc is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. There are so many tools to help keep me efficient and my clients love the communication. Now I don't have to hope my commissions are being paid correctly either. Their staff is knowledgeable and engaged in the entire process. I would highly recommend AgencyBloc.

    Marcie S. Marcie S.Capitol Benefits Group
  • AgencyBloc is very user-friendly. The reports are quick and uncomplicated. Compared to our last database, which was GBS, AgencyBloc is a walk in the park.

    Katie M. Katie M.JMS Brokerage
  • I wish we would have switched to AgencyBloc sooner because the system is such a good match for our agency. It does exactly what we hoped it would do, and I wish we’d have found it earlier.

    Amy L. Amy L.Altura Benefits
  • We have found AgencyBloc invaluable to the organization of our client data. We use reports to help us set goals and track progress, email marketing to reach out to clients on a regular basis, automated workflow to make sure we do not miss important tasks, and notes and activities to assign future tasks! This program has helped us to be more efficient and professional.

    Tara W. Tara W.Westhouse Insurance Agency, LLC
  • AgencyBloc is the second CRM we have used and hands down the very best! The program has been the most user-friendly. I have been nothing but impressed with the ease of use. Phenomenal customer service!! I have recommended AgencyBloc to other colleagues and I recommend AgencyBloc to you as well.

    Brenda H. Brenda H.FD Insurance Agency
  • AgencyBloc is complete. You can manage an entire book of business along with all of the administration pieces that are critical for day-to-day business. If you are a new agency, this is the tool for you! It's easy to use, provides great support, videos, and webinars that help you learn and build your processes.

    Robin A. Robin A.Convergence Insurance
  • Our agency is more efficient, communications are more centralized, and lead distribution is trackable and quantifiable. AgencyBloc has truly automated our entire agency and has become our full-office agency management system. We save 6 hours per week each Annual Election Period on lead distribution and save over 100 hours every renewal period in sending client communications with Automated Workflow.

    Jason M. Jason M.Milz Health Group
  • It's rare to find a product that not only meets, but also exceeds your expectations like AgencyBloc does. This software gives me the ability to keep track of clients and truly understand my business. The reports function allows me to run a custom report in literally seconds and the ability to create a follow-up activity for a client or prospect has provided me one software that keeps my team completely on top of follow-ups! I have referred several colleagues to AgencyBloc.

    Joe C. Joe C.Senior Preferred LLC
  • I am 70 years old, had retired, and have never used a software such as this. It's easy. There are so many facets of the software to help market products to anyone. It's perfect for storing all of our files in one place and at our fingertips. AgencyBloc listens to us and is always there for us immediately on chat support.

    Sandra J.Huebner Insurance
  • 100% of the reason why we went with AgencyBloc was the customer service. They promised us that they’d be there to assist us in transitioning and training, and they delivered. The ease of use is great. We’ve cut our time processing commissions by 75% and have gone from spending 2 full days on statement imports to only 1 hour each month.

    Sandy R.Parks Insurance, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc is the best investment our small agency has made. As our business has grown so has our use of AB. What sets them apart is that they listen to your needs and are always developing their platform to accomodate their users. It is flexible enough to work for anyone.

    Tasha S. Tasha S.CBI65 Insurance, Inc.
  • What we’ve accomplished in one year with AgencyBloc far exceeds what we accomplished all those years with GBS. We’ve saved $30,000 annually on generating reports and are retaining 90% of our business since moving. It’s the best software decision this company has ever made.

    Jeannette T. Jeannette T.Health Insurance Store, Inc.
  • We moved to AgencyBloc from another platform, and the transition was painless. Can't say there is anything I don't like. We have better client organization, tracking, in-office communication, and processing which has increased productivity greatly. It's super user-friendly and a great platform to keep business organized.

    Nathan A. Nathan A.Hutchison Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc has helped our agents to be more efficient and effective with our business and with our clients. It allows me to keep track of our clients for mailing lists, track client notes, and track the commissions earned for each client. We split commissions on many of our shared clients and AgencyBloc simplifies this process for me saving me countless hours of work!

    Shirley V. Shirley V.Advantage Insurance Benefits
  • We've said again and again, the level of personalized customer service and support we've received during and after our transition to AgencyBloc has been phenomenal!

    Nicole B.Allegacy Benefit Solutions, LLC
  • AgencyBloc has been a great solution for my health insurance office. I used to struggle with a generic CRM to make it specific to health insurance. There was always something missing. Now it is a breeze to track clients, policies and conversations. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as your CRM if you sell any health insurance product.

    Tammy M. Tammy M.McGregor Benefits
  • You guys are in my top 3 businesses to deal with of all time. I have had my own business for 33 years. AGENCYBLOC ROCKS!

    Art E.North Carolina Insurance Planning Services
  • With AgencyBloc, we are achieving so much more than we were with our old system.

    Valerie M. Valerie M.Group Benefits, Ltd.
  • My job of configuring commissions has been made so much easier. It's been a life-saver and most of all, time-saver!

    Patrick A. Patrick A.Don Allred & Associates, Inc.
  • We service approximately 45-50,000 employees and around 200 groups with this system. I believe (and I have investigated) that this is the best system in the market place that you can use to service your customers. The customer service is second to no one. I highly recommend them to everyone.

    Jay B. Jay B.Insurance Benefits Consultants LLC
  • Thanks to AgencyBloc, our office has been able to focus our efforts on selling more policies and spending more time interacting with our clients. Our sales are up 11% in the last year. Moving to AgencyBloc upgraded our ability to interact with our clients, our mental health, and our workflow. I’m so happy we made the switch. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.

    Melany P. Melany P.The Integrity Group
  • Fabulous software—we love it and feel so much more organized! The customization for fields is my favorite part, because even though the framework there is fabulous, every broker has different things that you need to track for clients.

    Kayla F. Kayla F.CuatroBenefits
  • Finally, an agency solution for a health agency!! We have been looking for a product like this for years! Support has been excellent, and for our agency it works perfect.

    Scott A. Scott A.Don Allred & Associates, Inc.
  • I started asking other agents what they use and one agent highly suggested AgencyBloc. There are so many wonderful features that AgencyBloc offers. It is geared specifically toward agents and commissions tracking has been a breeze. The customer service is effective and efficient. I highly recommend it!

    Kim G. Kim G.DBG Financial Group, Inc.
  • The greatest value, from my standpoint, is that it has allowed us to do a deep-dive into the analysis of our book of business. It has uncovered things we didn’t know and reassured things we thought we knew.

    Reymond S. Reymond S.Montgomery & Graham
  • I have found everyone in the company to be very helpful and supportive.

    Rick G. Rick G.Goodman Agency
  • I use AgencyBloc several times a day! It's one of the tools that makes my work easier.

    Kathy W.FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting
  • AgencyBloc makes my job so much easier! I could not imagine trying to work without it. AgencyBloc keeps my daily business in order and keeps me on task!

    Joe H.Athena Benefit Agency
  • What we like most about AgencyBloc is it is insurance industry specific and that we are able to tailor it to our specific wants and needs. With AgencyBloc, our client files are now always with us.

    Bill B.Blanchard Independent Insurance
  • We are extremely pleased with AgencyBloc. Of significant value is the customization features that allow us to build the data we want, allowing us to manage multiple coverage types within one system.

    Bruce B. Bruce B.Genesis Financial
  • I am so happy we found AgencyBloc. Creating activities is a great way to keep up on the day-to-day. We have tried other systems and this one really takes the cake. I think the best part of it is the customer service and the willingness to keep making it better.

    Shea B. Shea B.RJS and Associates Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc's commission tables and import mapping will save us hours of time each month in calculating commissions. The search feature will help us to answer agent questions quickly. We are very satisfied with AgencyBloc and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a commission tracking software program!

    Trish A. Trish A.BOST Workplace Benefits
  • We've been able to cut our time processing commissions by 75%, saved nearly $33,000 every year in employee time, and have gained 90 hours back every month. Switching to AgencyBloc was the best decision I made as a commissions manager.

    Leslye G. Leslye G.JTS Financial
  • I am so happy I decided to use AgencyBloc. I'm able to add custom fields and build reports specific for my needs. The automatic emails are a lifesaver! There are more functions that I haven't even utilized yet that I know will help improve efficiency, productivity, and grow my business.

    Danielle S. Danielle S.Elite Senior Insurance
  • AgencyBloc is a time-saver, especially when it comes to email campaigns. You can quickly sort out a list of customers to send specific emails to. You can set up automated emails to customers and forget about it. The system will automatically send out your welcome emails, birthday emails, holiday emails, etc.

    Mary D. Mary D.Express Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc is extremely user-friendly and we can find what we need very easily. Our small Medicare office of 5 feel being able to read the activities of each other is critical for our clients. I highly recommend AgencyBloc.

    Bambi M.Senior Advisory Insurance Services
  • The software is very user-friendly and it's very easy to train new employees. The new hires have a very small learning curve; they're up and running day one. Adding clients is very easy and quick. The stability of the software has been the best part of using AgencyBloc.

    Denise M. Denise M.Choice Enrollment
  • Before AgencyBloc, our office used a separate spreadsheet for every activity. One question from a client could take 5 minutes to answer simply because we had to locate in WHICH spreadsheet the info was hidden. Now, all communications, policy, and follow-up information is in one place. We would be lost without this product!

    SaraMarie B. SaraMarie B.Insurance Advocates
  • AgencyBloc is the single best all-in-one insurance platform out there—and I've used just about all of them as the IT Director for Custom Health Plans. Absolutely any part of the system can be found from a top level search, and the lead system especially has unparalleled versatility for customization.

    Steve P.Custom Health Plans
  • We are extremely satisfied with the database and the company. Their response time to questions or concerns is excellent and they keep updating the database to provide more options we didn't even know we wanted. I would highly recommend this database to any business.

    Wendi J. Wendi J.Stateline Senior Services
  • The software has streamlined how and what information we keep track of. What we appreciate most about AgencyBloc is, as they have grown they have not lost sight of what is most important when it comes to software and that is "Customer Service".

    Danette B. Danette B.Grace and Porta Benefits, Inc.
  • I like that information on carriers, clients and policies are online and accessible at our convenience. Even if out of the office, we can access policy applications and our communications quite easily as long as we have internet access.

    Bill E.The Edgar Group
  • AgencyBloc has been our time-saver and has helped our agency truly organize all of our operations. Way back to when Steve first talked to us and Tasha trained us, every person at AgencyBloc has been so helpful. It really says a lot about who you guys are and what kind of company you run.

    Alex C. Alex C.Comfort Insurance and Finances
  • AgencyBloc is fantastic as a system, but it’s better because of the team behind it. They’re always there to give us support on the spot. Knowing that we can always pick up the phone and call them, it’s as valuable as the system to us.

    Christine H. Christine H.Hübler Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc has made our office more efficient and has saved us time and money. Within the first year we recovered over $20,000 in unpaid commissions!

    Ellen L. Ellen L.Comprehensive Financial, Inc.
  • This program has helped us streamline claim issues and better serve our clients. As a small agency we are extremely pleased with the program.

    Patrick P. Patrick P.OneSource Benefits LTD.
  • It's easy to use and I like that I can look back on all my past commissions. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy commission program!

    Heather C.Fortune Brokerage Group
  • Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced, on top of a top notch product that makes figuring commissions so much easier! Worth the time to get it set up!

    Belinda L. Belinda L.Lang Insurance Services
  • AgencyBloc is very modern, quick, and just administratively simple. In employee time alone, we save $6,000 annually which covers a subscription to software like AgencyBloc or Employee Navigator. The simplicity and time savings we’ve found with AgencyBloc have been great.

    Joe F. Joe F.Foy Benefits
  • This is one of the most user friendly programs I have ever used. And, should you find something that is not user friendly for you, you are one phone call away from getting it fixed. You call one number, you talk to a live person who transfers you to the live person you requested and your problems get solved right away. This could not be easier.

    Tiffany L.First Legacy Financial Group, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc was easily the most cost effective and easy-to-use Commission system we looked at. We have been using them now for the past two years—service is great, the people are knowledgeable and friendly. Just outstanding customer service.

    Jeff S.Gateway Insurance Marketing
  • AgencyBloc allows our agents to operate much more efficiently now that they have access to their data and they can access it from their phones! Everyone here at Sams/Hockaday is really happy with the sense of control they have now with AgencyBloc.

    Jason F. Jason F.Sams/Hockaday
  • It's the perfect customer database software for the insurance agency. It is designed around what information I need to track for my customers so the reports are helpful. I am so glad I am not paying for more than I needed. I looked at Salesforce, but it was too much for a small agency like mine. When my general agency recommended AgencyBloc, it was perfect.

    Deborah M. Deborah M.McKay Insurance Services, LLC.
  • It's like the difference between mail and email. AgencyBloc makes our day less stressful and much more efficient. It simply allows us to get more done in less time.

    Mark W.Earn It Agent LLC
  • I have been using AgencyBloc for my small agency since May of 2012. I am able to keep track of my client's notes, activities, pdf attachments and emails all in one place. The customer service is second to none, they are always willing to take my phone calls and answer any questions I have. After using this system for over 2 years I still have no regrets and am happy I made the switch!

    Chandra H.Century Oak Insurance Services, LLC
  • Being this is my first agency management system, AgencyBloc has been a very easy program to use and understand. Their service has also been outstanding! I couldn't be happier with my experience with AgencyBloc.

    Michael M. Michael M.Helpyourselfinsurance.com
  • I've been using AgencyBloc for over 8 years now and it is so worth the switch. They have implemented new, useful tools and it seems like they are always working on new things to make it better. The reps are great and they are always a quick response away for a question or concern.

    Nicole T. Nicole T.KHI Solutions
  • I love how this is setup specifically for Life and Health agents. There are an endless amount of customized reports that can be ran. This is setup so that if you are a single person or if you are an agency or even if you oversee multiple agencies this is built for it.

    Joshua D. Joshua D.Davis Insurance Resource
  • The staff at AgencyBloc have been available, helpful, patient, professional and very easy to work with. The implementation of AgencyBloc replaced a tedious, manual process (using Excel pivot tables) to manage a very unique and complicated commission tracking and payout need. Having the information backed up regularly and web access was crucial to our firm.

    Ana A. Ana A.Executive Benefits Group
  • For those of us in the Life & Health field, 98% of the fields in AgencyBloc are useful in what we need to store our material. Items are very easy to find in the attachment section, and benefits at a glance are faster for us to find when we get a call from our clients.

    Jean L.TCU Insurance
  • I finished commissions in record time this month—5 hours!!! Down from 5 DAYS with our previous CRM!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love AgencyBloc!!!!

    Verlee B. Verlee B.SIMA Benefits Consulting Group
  • I can’t express enough how user-friendly AgencyBloc is. The ease of it makes my life so much easier. Commissions used to take me a day or two using our old program. Now I’m done in 20-30 minutes. Customer service, should you need anything, is absolutely a joy to work with and super friendly! I highly recommend AgencyBloc to anybody considering a more user-friendly database—you won’t regret it!

    Tammy K.Riske Brown
  • Agency Bloc has been a valuable asset and was easy for us to transition to. They were very helpful in moving our data from the old system and helping us with the initial customization. Since then, it has been easy to use and includes some features that we were not used to, but cannot imagine being without now.

    Scott S.Snowden & Associates, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc has everything we need: flexibility, accessibility, commissions tracking, and ease of navigation. The data migration was stress-free, the customer service is awesome, and we love how simple it is to connect individuals, enter data, and just plain run our business!

    Sherri R. Sherri R.ISU Stephen B. Marvin Agency
  • I have been using AgencyBloc for several years and find it to be the most efficient CRM I've used. What I need from a CRM is quick access to data and a layout that flows well so information is easy to find. AgencyBloc provides everything I need at the click of a button. I highly recommend AgencyBloc for three reasons: ease of use, quick access to data, and service.

    Delphine E. Delphine E.Stonewood Financial Solutions
  • Our transition to AgencyBloc was extremely smooth and their support along the way was invaluable. We feel like we finally have a database from the 21st century!

    Caroline D. Caroline D.Comprehensive Benefits Planning, Inc.
  • We have been with AgencyBloc for almost 10 years and they have been great. They are open to our suggestions for improvements and are always there to help when needed. So glad we have them as our CRM!

    Justin B. Justin B.RIS
  • AgencyBloc has made a huge difference for me in the area of production, efficiency, and convenience. It is very simple to use, functional, and it operates very clean. By that I mean it works. Much stress has been lifted by being able to locate clients, policies, set follow up activities, make notes, and store important documents. I had my best AEP this year and AgencyBloc is a big contributor to that.

    Randy S. Randy S.One Life America
  • AgencyBloc has been amazing for our agency. Tech and staff were very helpful in our transition to AgencyBloc. Connecting our clients to our agents with commission splits, and our agents having the ability to see commissions and status of their clients in real-time has saved our agency a tremendous amount of time. I am always impressed with the knowledge of tech support over the phone. Yes, over the phone! AgencyBloc is there to help and really know their product.

    Eric J.Revive Insurance
  • AgencyBloc has proven to be an invaluable tool. We use it to keep track of our client's information, run reports, and generate important reminders in an efficient manner. It is truly terrific!

    Ryan J. Ryan J.Apex Insurance Agency
  • I have been using AgencyBloc for about 6 months and it is truly amazing! I had been using a custom system for about 20 years, so I was nervous about making the change. AgencyBloc made it so easy! They have truly done their homework and know what an agency needs. Also, their Help Section is awesome! I would highly recommend them.

    Pam B.Dalton & Company Inc.
  • I had 20 years of data to move over to AgencyBloc and I was never on my own. I have used AgencyBloc’s support every step of the way and I can tell you that I have never been disappointed.

    Susie M.Paragon Partners
  • Our office moved to AgencyBloc 3 years ago, and we haven’t looked back. Our office can track our growth, whether it’s the number of policies written by an agent, agency, or with a particular carrier. In the past, commissions took days to process—now it's hours. Another timesaving feature: Automated Workflows. We've connected the workflows to AgencyBloc's Lead Forms to automatically create a record and notify our team of the new lead. All in all, AgencyBloc has made our great office, even better.

    Jen K. Jen K.Universal Insurance Advisors, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc has been a great addition to our office. The features of AgencyBloc make the processes in our office easier to maintain. Some of the features that have helped our office are: the ability to link customers, allowing multiple attachments to dates, and emails are easily updated to the system. AgencyBloc is also easy to use and web-based. We could not be happier with this platform and would recommend it to any company.

    Paige R. Paige R.Olde Fayetteville Insurance
  • I’ve been with Agency Bloc for 3 years now; they have nailed it as far as what is needed for a health insurance agency! I recommend you sign up for the commissions piece because AgencyBloc makes it easy to track how I’m getting paid. With a few simple clicks, you can see your entire commissions report! AgencyBloc saves me so much time and it’s accurate. NO more missing commissions!!

    Kay G.Goodemoot Benefits Solutions
  • AgencyBloc is our rock. None of us could work from home without it.

    Kathy L. Kathy L.The Medicare Plan Store
  • Take the advice from the agencies that have adopted AgencyBloc; most of them have done their due diligence and they chose AgencyBloc. The big players in the industry are using it, so trust in their choice to use AgencyBloc.

    Brian P. Brian P.Agent Equity Group
  • AgencyBloc has delivered what they promised, they have been fair in the pricing, and they’ve been easy to work with.

    Jim M. Jim M.Morrison Insurance Services
  • We began using AgencyBloc in 2014, and it has been a blessing every day since! AgencyBloc allows us to access client information in the office, at home, or out in the field. The customer service provided by AgencyBloc is top-notch! Using AgencyBloc has helped our administrators and agents be more efficient and effective in managing business and our clients.

    Cathy D. Cathy D.American Eagle Insurance Agency, LLC
  • AgencyBloc is a comprehensive system for an affordable price. It allows us to be well organized and to take care of all of our clients and prospects. We’re able to log all service calls, emails, sales prospects, and send policy renewal reminders. This allows us to provide a strong paper trail if and when we may need to resolve any E&O issues.

    Mike R. Mike R.Fortress Benefits
  • Finally, we got AgencyBloc, and it has been a pleasure. We had our own personal rep to work with to transfer the info from our old system to AgencyBloc, and she did a remarkable job—especially since our old system wasn't made for health insurance. AgencyBloc can be accessed by any and all of our different departments at anytime and they can even work from home with the same access. I would highly recommend AgencyBloc.

    Christine U.Wellness Plans Now, LLC
  • There are several things I’m pleased about, but to narrow it down, AgencyBloc’s Support team is way above top-notch. I feel AgencyBloc has my utmost trust when it comes to safeguarding our customer & agent info. When I pay my agents their commissions, their paytable structure is once again above par. I feel AgencyBloc makes a real commitment in regards to follow-up, and I couldn’t be happier with the level of service they provide.

    April T.Supplemental Health Insurance Services, LLC
  • AgencyBloc has streamlined our business. Operationally, it saves us time and money, especially with commissions. Our favorite feature, the Sales Pipeline, has become integral to our Medicare AEP success.

    Heather H. Heather H.Hovis & Associates
  • AgencyBloc keeps us organized with regards to our current clients and commissions. It’s a huge weekly time saver.

    Mollie D. Mollie D.F.A.R.E. Healthcare
  • If you’re a reporting, OCD-type person, then this is the AMS for you. I haven’t found any flaws. It’s been very helpful for touching base with our clients, staying current with our data, and keeping us organized.

    Tammy H. Tammy H.Pruitt Agency
  • I've been using AgencyBloc for 5 years. At first, I was very worried about the transition and learning the software, but AgencyBloc's staff is helpful, patient, and nice. Now, I wonder how I ever lived (and did my job as the one who pays the agents) without it. It makes my job a breeze! I would recommend AB to everyone.

    Tiffany S. Tiffany S.Health Insurance Associates
  • AgencyBloc has allowed me to be more targeted, follow up with others on my team, and pinpoint issues right away with better tracking and ability to support one another. In addition, it's constantly evolving and allows for Automated Workflows, so you don't have to worry about reoccurring work and upcoming items/marketing needs.

    Corinne W. Corinne W.IIG Roanoke
  • AgencyBloc is very user-friendly. Entering client data, posting commissions, generating commission reports, tracking marketing material, saving emails—it’s all so easy. The experience I’ve had with the help desk has been spectacular. AgencyBloc saves us time and thereby, MONEY!!!

    Tara J.Trident Benefits
  • AgencyBloc is the only CRM designed specifically for the health and life insurance industry, so it required very little customization. It's an intuitive system at a very reasonable cost with excellent and responsive customer service.

    Chris G. Chris G.Northwest Farmer-Stockman Inc.
  • AgencyBloc is user-friendly and makes moving around with different tabs easy. We have eliminated the most time-consuming responsibility of manually entering LARGE commission statements and are importing commissions in seconds. I had been working with the same software for 40 years, and I wished I'd known about AgencyBloc a lot sooner.

    Sandy F. Sandy F.Cappers Insurance Service, Inc.
  • I'd been with GBS since 1998 and have been using AgencyBloc since early 2018. The people at AgencyBloc that worked at GBS Inc. have been the greatest people to work with. They are always there for you when you have an issue and know how to resolve them very fast. In all the years, I have had very few issues. I would recommend AgencyBloc to any insurance agency. There is so much you can do with this program; I personally think this is the best agency program on the market and the most reasonable in cost.

    Gary H. Gary H.JMH Advisors
  • I've been using AgencyBloc for 2 years, and I'm extremely pleased with it. AgencyBloc is easy to use and it's flexible—two things I significantly value. The reporting feature allows us to manage and analyze all of our data. Automated Workflows lets us automate our daily, monthly, and yearly tasks making us more efficient to reduce workloads and overhead costs. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as your agency management system.

    Patty P. Patty P.My Benefit Advisor
  • AgencyBloc is very easy to use, easy to teach other members of the team, and very helpful, especially if you have a large book of business. It allows you to customize fields for your business, which is a huge time saver for our team. The reporting function is so easy, and you can customize it in so many ways—it's awesome. I can get to my account from anywhere, and the note function is a great tool to keep track of what's going on. This is a great product, and you will be very happy you got AgencyBloc.

    Paul D. Paul D.AssureSource
  • From tracking commissions to saving notes on prospective and current clients, AgencyBloc has it all. We had been paying commissions to our LOA agents through an Excel spreadsheet. As our agency grew, this process became tedious and riddled with missed commissions. With AgencyBloc, we're saving time, which saves money, and we couldn't be more pleased with our decision.

    Debbie R. Debbie R.Cornerstone Senior Advisors LLC
  • What can I say? I love using AgencyBloc to keep my clients organized. It makes my job so much easier, and I couldn't imagine living without it!

    Emily M. Emily M.PNR & Associates, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc is such a time saver for me. No paper files to search through. I just click some button, and all my information is there. Being able to set activities keeps me up to date and on task. The educational videos are so helpful. Customer Service has been fantastic when I have had to call. I can not imagine trying to do my job without this system. I can not recommend this product enough.

    Jeri R. Jeri R.Intermountain Agency, Inc.
  • When we moved to AgencyBloc, we found both historical and current data, and all of our client communication were all in one location. It was a major improvement in our processes and also in our agency.

    Doreen M. Doreen M.Business Benefits, Inc.
  • With AgencyBloc, we have a different dynamic. We keep all of our agency's activities in one place, and account managers are more efficient in addressing the service needs of our clients. Being this organized helps us dedicate time to growing the business instead of dealing with the difficulties of managing other CRM systems.

    Andreas G.Core Benefits Insurance Services
  • I love AgencyBloc!! It's a great system, but even greater than that is the staff that supports it. I thought for sure that, sooner or later, the support that I am accustomed to would come to an end, but I have since decided that this is just AgencyBloc's culture.

    Michelle M.Medicare Advisers of the Triad, Inc.
  • AgencyBloc is the BEST!!! AgencyBloc has been an amazing tool to help teach me the administrative side of the business without always having to ask my very busy boss all the time. The live chat is always a button away, and there is no wait to get in touch with someone. The support staff is crazy knowledgeable about all the inter-workings of the platform. 10/10 love what they do!

    Stephanie V. Stephanie V.Agent Equity Group
  • I looked at several agency management systems and selected AgencyBloc because of the price, it's industry-specific, and it's easy to use. I can access my data anywhere, do business anywhere, and the system keeps things fast and in order for me.

    George D. George D.Danielhealth
  • AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline works! I am able to add new opportunities, track them through to completion, and create views that let me know in an instant what opportunities are open and working.

    Kevin K. Kevin K.3to99
  • The biggest benefit is the ability to maintain the organization and all of our different processes. AgencyBloc has been the most flexible system we've worked with.

    Mike R. Mike R.GRA Benefits
  • AgencyBloc has helped streamline pretty much everything—our business, our reporting, our policies. It has made our business flow so much better.

    Sammantha N. Sammantha N.Next Step Insurance
  • Many times, smaller agencies can't get the technology that bigger agencies can because of the financial cost. With AgencyBloc, you're tailoring it to what you need, and it doesn't cost me a lot of money. As a business owner, that's really important.

    Gina D. Gina D.Senior Connection
  • We have been very satisfied with AgencyBloc. With the new Sales Pipeline, we are able to track our leads even better than we had hoped for. AgencyBloc gives us the ability to track all activities and have an easy way to find the history for any action taken over time. We are able to track individual client information and group clients in such detail that it was an obvious move for us.

    Renee W.Southwest Insurance Solutions
  • We have been with AgencyBloc for the last 6 years, and it is the first CRM that actually meets our needs for our life & health business. The support is amazing, and we have even been able to combine our commission paying system. It is so nice to have everything in one place.

    Shawna D.OSMA Insurance Agency
  • With AgencyBloc, the biggest thing for us is the time savings, especially concerning manual entry. We’ve been able to gain back 250 hours every year resulting in a savings of $4,000. The savings and ease are the most beneficial things we’ve found as an agency.

    Phillip T. Phillip T.D&S Agency
  • I LOVE this product. Each day I am finding more ways to use it to help me keep in touch with my clients—especially since the pandemic. I have used other CRMs, but this is the first one that is dedicated to insurance. I highly recommend AgencyBloc. Their product is terrific, and so is their staff.

    Christine G.Health Care Advocates, LLC.
  • AgencyBloc is a constantly evolving CRM that has already improved our processes quite a bit, and we are hoping, with continued updates, it can evolve even more to keep our company as organized and efficient as possible.

    Jennifer B. Jennifer B.CSNW Benefits
  • AgencyBloc has proven to be a very valuable tool to track our commissions. The customer service is unmatched, and I ALWAYS get a response to my questions quickly. AgencyBloc has met and exceeded all our expectations, and I'd recommend them without hesitation.

    Robyn W. Robyn W.Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions
  • With AgencyBloc, we can finally reduce 3 separate applications we were using into one! Our previous CRM was only available to admin staff. Opening access to our agents with AgencyBloc is extremely helpful and has been a timesaver for our admins. AgencyBloc Support always replies with excellent answers, and I receive a response within a day!

    Sara T.Strong Family Financial LLC
  • AgencyBloc is a tremendous help to our agency. They have easy-to-understand and prebuilt graphs and reports, allowing for easy insight into the data that matters. We have been able to grow our agency and save upwards of 20+ hours weekly on the commission tracking alone! They continue to make improvements and strive to provide the best product they can.

    Kyle A. Kyle A.Tomlin Benefit Planning, Inc.
  • I cannot say enough praise for the AgencyBloc support team; they're all extremely knowledgable, patient, and so very helpful. The commission upload feature is one of my favorite parts of the program; it has saved me a tremendous amount of time.

    Donita S. Donita S.Secure Benefits, LLC
  • We have been using AgencyBloc for a couple of years now and love it! We keep all our customer information online so everyone can easily access it, including what plans they have and a description of the plan in PDF form. It also is a much less time-intensive way to post and track commissions. Their support people are also great.

    Joni R. Joni R.Reents Insurance
  • I truly love AgencyBloc as it has replaced my book of business calendar, provided me ways to keep track of client information, and much more!

    David J.Arison - Ference Insurance Services
  • I enjoy using AgencyBloc, and they have helped automate much of the administrative and client onboarding activities with my practice. I would highly recommend them!!

    Justin C.The Medicare Help Desk
  • If you are a life and health agent, this is the platform you need! This platform will provide you with functions you can set up to market and keep in touch with your clients. The capabilities are endless, and it is a software you can grow into and not have to worry about growing out of it. I see all Medicare and individual health coverage and can pull reports or establish workflows based on my company's needs.

    Carmen P.Elite Choice Agency
  • We are very happy we found AgencyBloc after searching and evaluating several CRMs for our insurance business. The most impressive thing I walked away with from the demo was the amount of support. It seems to be the one thing that is overlooked with most software solutions. AgencyBloc truly cares about their customers. They have followed through with everything they said they would, which is a rare trait.

    Brandon W. Brandon W.Translating Insurance
  • AgencyBloc has allowed us to develop as a boutique agency by providing the tools that larger corporations have at a price that’s accessible to us as a small agency. It’s created efficiencies and helped us grow our revenue due to proper data tracking.

    Leslie S. Leslie S.The Shields Agency
  • Utilizing AgencyBloc has helped us keep our simplicity in place. We are able to track our clients' progress with ease and create reports to our specific needs. If we ever have any trouble or technical issues, there is always a pleasant representative to guide us through. AgencyBloc is our administrator every office desires.

    Kaitlyn K.Simplified Solutions Insurance Agency
  • AgencyBloc is an integral part of our brokerage. I love that it is tailor-made for insurance agencies and addresses the specific needs of our business. I appreciate the work that’s gone into making Agency Bloc very intuitive to navigate. As far as CRMs go, AgencyBloc is one of the most feature-rich services we use in our tech stack. I’ve used several other CRMs before. AgencyBloc works, truly works, for us.

    Larry H. Larry H.Affiliated Associates
  • My experience with AgencyBloc has been amazing! Having all our clients in a database that is shaped specifically for our company's needs is a breath of fresh air compared to other CRMs I have used in the past. Having the commission statements linked to each policy has been very helpful in locating the commissions for filling out our Broker Disclosure Forms for our clients. The customer service is to the highest standard. There is no other CRM I would use in my office.

    April D.Insurance Solutions of the South
  • I cannot live without AgencyBloc, Inc. Our Agency has been using it for some time now, and it meets all our needs. The details for day-to-day business on tracking, leads, appts, commissions, etc., are user-friendly and accurate! 10 out of 5 stars for me!

    Virginia P.Dalton & Company Inc.
  • The next step to growing your company is AgencyBloc. We were using a spreadsheet to track all our clients, and it was getting hard to keep everything in order that way. Once we saw what AgencyBloc could and does do for us, it was a no-brainer.

    Katie M. Katie M.Active Medicare Solutions
  • I've been using AgencyBloc for almost a year and cannot imagine running my business without it. It's very intuitive, easy for me to understand, and customizable as needed. I look forward to setting up additional workflows and integrations to streamline my processes.

    Mari B. Mari B.Farmers Union Agency
  • AgencyBloc has been an integral part of my business for the past 7+ years. It has helped me scale my book of clients as well as bring on other agents. It keeps all of my data secure and organized. The team is very responsive whenever I have a question or need help with the tool. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as a best-in-class CRM for any individual agent.

    Brian K. Brian K.Plan Medicare
  • We moved from another software platform to AgencyBloc at the beginning of 2022 and couldn't be happier. The commission tracking functionality was the selling point, in addition to their exceptional service and getting you up and running!

    Nancy S. Nancy S.Medicaregiving
  • I love AgencyBloc! Over the last 10 years, I have worked with several database programs—all of which ended up closing shop and terminating their support or just became obsolete without updates. I begged my boss to let us get AgencyBloc, and she finally jumped in! I appreciate all the little details that have gone into this piece of software. If you have a Life/Health business, this is THE ONLY database software to use!

    Stephanie S. Stephanie S.Judy Eastman Insurance
  • We've been using AgencyBloc for more than a few years now, and we definitely made the right choice. You can set up reminders for clients/prospects, generate reports for specific data, and manage this system pretty easily—it's not complicated at all! I would definitely recommend AgencyBloc to any upcoming business that needs to manage the day-to-day operations.

    Maria U.Health & Retirement Services of Illinois
  • AgencyBloc has been a GOD SEND for my business. It's an extremely sophisticated, ultra-functional CRM system. We have thousands of clients, and AB has helped us immensely to keep the clients organized. AB has helped us become more organized, productive, and profitable. I will NEVER change to another new CRM.

    Frances M.Pick a Plan USA, Inc.
  • We have used AgencyBloc for over 5 years, and it has been invaluable for managing our book of business, our agents, and our compensation. As we continue to grow, AgencyBloc continues to add features and efficiencies, especially in the Commissions module. Their support teams are responsive & committed to solutions.

    Debbie C.Buffalo Insurance Group LLC
  • AgencyBloc's ease of use is critical for me. The layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's taken my 10-hour workday down to only 7.5 hours!

    Charline C. Charline C.PTI Consulting Services LLC
  • Since we began AgencyBloc over three years ago, we have been able to triple our book of business. The Commission Module alone has saved me thousands of dollars in payroll while decreasing human error. I'm confident that when I pay my agents, I pay them exactly what I promised. I highly recommend AgencyBloc for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

    Brian S. Brian S.South Dakota Senior Insurance
  • I’m just a one-person semi-retired shop, so I only use Agency Bloc for my database of clients, list of companies/contacts, and the activities. I am very happy with Agency Bloc and would recommend this software to other health insurance agents. The monthly cost is very reasonable and within my little budget.

    Lynn C Lynn CCassens Health Insurance Agency LLC
  • I recently signed up for AgencyBloc and LOVE IT. AgencyBloc has everything I was looking for: a way to organize my clients by product of enrollment, workflow abilities to help me stay on top of my growing business, automated emails, and more. The training and support provided have been top-notch. I am very pleased with AgencyBloc and know the investment will help me grow my business. I give AgencyBloc 5 stars!

    Laura B. Laura B.LB Health Insurance Solutions