Thanks for Building The Bloc

April 3, 2017 in Company News

At AgencyBloc we are always working to help insurance agencies manage and grow their business. To do this we make the convoluted, straightforward by making enhancements to AgencyBloc that our clients need. We’ll admit we don’t know your needs without asking. This is why we ask you, our client community by utilizing surveys to help us determine what our roadmap of enhancements will be.

In 2017, we’re excited to further Build The Bloc, through the combined efforts of our community: employees, clients and partners. This campaign reflects the first element of our mission statement:

  • We solve problems for our customers
  • We give them amazing tools
  • We educate them
  • We make them successful
  • We make them happy!

Thank You

We’re all working together to Build The Bloc - so whether you’ve been with us 1 day or 10 years, you are a Member of The Bloc and we’re happy to have you. The first part of our campaign will be acknowledging and thanking all of the people that have built The Bloc so far. We will be sharing photos of our staff, clients & partners to share our gratitude for their contribution to the success of AgencyBloc.

Build The Bloc AB Team

We’ll be at the following tradeshows this year and look forward to you stopping by our booth. Tell us how AgencyBloc is working for you and how long you’ve been part of The Bloc!

Join the conversation throughout the year, by looking for #BuildTheBloc on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be sharing where our team is, Members of The Bloc and product updates!