We Held Our First BlocParty!

October 6, 2014 in Company News

AgencyBloc BN Benefits Forum & Expo conference

When we decided we would attend the EBN Benefits Forum & Expo conference in Boca Raton, Florida this year, we knew we didn't want to just set up a booth. We wanted to grab the attention of everyone in a fun, laid-back way. So, with the help of Source Media and Boca by Design, we hosted our very first BlocParty. It was awesome! There was a basketball game, a photo booth, hot dog stands, hamburgers, and a branded, 8-foot ice wall equipped with two beer taps. Yes, an AgencyBloc ice wall was serving beer—a local IPA beer to top it off. 

However, we didn't sponsor an event like this just to have fun. We wanted to provide a fun and laid-back atmosphere for everyone else at the event, and we got the chance to talk to a lot of people because of it. People would drift over to the ice wall because they had spotted our lit green ice cubes in others' drinks, or they'd come over just to take a picture of the ice wall (it was that cool).

Iced beer taps

Many of those people might not have made a point of stopping by had we not provided such an atmosphere, and, because they did stop by, we were able to share our passion for what we do and foster relationships with people. And, it was in a way that was conversational and comfortable for everyone. Our objective of this BlocParty was mainly to show the nature of our culture—open, inviting and fun. 

AgencyBloc space

We appreciate the relationships we maintain with our clients, and we equally appreciate making new connections. The BlocParty definitely allowed us to do that, and we thank Employee Benefit News, Source Media, Boca by Design, Funky Buddha Brewery and Styled Ice for helping make this happen.

Check out some more pictures of the event:

Like I said, a lot of people were stopping by to check out the ice wall and to chat with us.

AgencyBloc Display

The detail in this ice wall was amazing. It was so interesting to hear from Styled Ice on how they created it! And, everyone really enjoyed the Hop Gun IPA from Funky Buddha Brewery.

Ice Sculpture

The night wouldn't have been complete without a team picture in front of the ice wall.

AgencyBloc Team

No, the ice wall didn't fall down (thankfully). They actually just break it down when the event is over and reuse the ice for another project. They let us help break it down!

And it's over

As you can see, we had a lot of fun putting on this event and, again, we're so thankful to those who helped us. We hope to host another BlocParty in the future! Let us know what suggestions you have for our next BlocParty or what you enjoyed most about it if you were there!

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