Building The Bloc: Search Results Customization

September 29, 2015 in Product Updates

AgencyBloc search results customization

There are a lot of things that make AgencyBloc unique. My partners & I have never been ones to blindly follow or play copycat. We love learning from others before us and around us and then paving our own way.

I'd like to share with you our unique approach to product development. Over the next few months, I'll write about some examples of how our methods for improving AgencyBloc contribute to our leadership in providing unmatched products and services for the insurance industry.

Today I'll share an example of our fundamental belief that our products get better when we tune in and listen to our client community.

One of our core values: We are maniacal about success

  • We aspire to be the leader of the pack
  • We make people say "wow"
  • We won’t settle for less. Not as a team. Not individually.

Now the good stuff! Today, we're pushing a release with a variety of items addressing client requests and suggested enhancements. Our Product Manager, Jen, has done a fantastic job of organizing and categorizing client feedback. In addition, our Customer Support team contributes feedback daily so we get an instant pulse on client needs. Fortunately, all this effort has culminated into a great source for product improvements. Below are a few examples of requests that have been fulfilled in today's release …

Jessie @ My Insurance Exchange LLC:

"Our agents are compensated by the number of lives enrolled, would it be possible to have a 'Lives' data field added to the initial screen when looking at an individual policy?  Right now they have to drill into the policy to see how many people are enrolled."

Nicole @ Texas Benefit Consultants:

"Quick Question: when I am in the Individuals tab, how can I change the column headings as to what I can see. Right now it is: name, type, status, lead source, etc.?"

Tiffany @ Health Insurance Associates, Inc:

"Is there any way we can add the agent's name to this screen so we don't have to go in and dig for it? That would be so handy!"

The feedback from Jessie, Nicole, and Tiffany resulted in us further evaluating how we show information to our clients. We realized that each agency has different information that is most valuable to them at-a-glance. So our product team got to work and launched a way for our clients to manage their "view" of search results. Yes, it sounds simple...but the benefits are huge! As a bonus, our development team figured we should let them include Custom Fields as well, so we did that too!

Now our clients can quickly and easily adjust their view and add visibility to the most important aspects of the information they track.

Our team is full of extremely talented and experienced insurance and technology experts, but AgencyBloc exceeds expectations because we actively encourage our client community to tell us where we could do better. Thanks to our client community for the suggestions, and keep them coming!

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