Introducing Agent Statement Logins

September 6, 2013 in Product Updates

We are excited to announce a new type of AgencyBloc user - Agent Statement logins. Agent Statement users have the ability to do one thing: view commission statements...specifically, their own commission statements.

Agent Statement users have instant online access to their statements 24/7.

How it works:

  1. Create the new user (agent) just as you would create any other user in your account and indicate that they're tied to the "Agent Statement" security group.
  2. Indicate which agent/'s statements they'll have access to by checking the appropriate box/es.
  3. Click "Save & Email Login Info". They'll receive their login credentials via email.

That's it! The agent you created now has access to all previous and current statements at anytime from anywhere!

Note: Statements become available to Agent Statement users once they are locked. Statements are locked in the Manage Dates section.

Go to your User Administration settings and start providing your agents the convenience of instant online statements!

*Agent CRM users already have the capability to access to online statements.