Usability Enhancement: Importing Commissions

July 5, 2011 in Product Updates

If you've ever visited with your AgencyBloc account rep, you already know we pride ourselves on making sure our agency management system is easy to use.  The primary method we use to gauge the systems' simplicity is through the use of customer feedback... or more simply talk and we listen.

One of the more recent and recurring comments we've heard has been around the commission import process.  The majority of our health and life insurance agencies import their carrier commission statements for streamlining commission runs. When the carrier data gets imported, AgencyBloc attempts to match all the policies the carrier is listing to the policies within your AgencyBloc account.  Based on feedback across our community, we've improved the reconciliation screen to:

  1. More clearly display any policies that need to be addressed or resolved by the user.
  2. Provide a more detailed reason on why any specific policy has an issue to address - simply by hovering over the icon.

Commissions Import

Please let anyone on our team know if you have any questions about this enhancement and as always, please provide us with any/all feedback - who knows, we may work on your enhancement next!

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