3 Things to Set up at Your Agency Before Open Enrollment Begins

3 Things to Set up at Your Agency Before Open Enrollment Begins

Preparing for Open Enrollment Season

If you had a dollar for every time someone told you that open enrollment was just around the corner, you could probably retire, right? But it really is and now is the time to get yourself and your agency in order.

We’re going to quickly lay out 3 items to consider setting up at your agency that should help make your workload during OEP/AEP a little less daunting.

These are 3 items that would be pretty simple to get going before OE begins, but they are definitely not the end all, be all for OE efficiency. If you’re interested in more in-depth tips for OE efficiency and productivity, check out our brief guide: 7 Ways to Ease Your Workload This Open Enrollment Season.

1. Create a lead form for your website

It’s not new information that most people search online before making a purchase decision, and this is especially true for insurance agencies because they’re generally a local business. And people search online via desktop and mobile devices for local services more than anything.

Hubspot points out several search statistics in their infographic, one being: “60% of American adults use smartphones and tablets to search for local product and service information.” And they also point out that the majority of those searchers go visit the storefront in the same day as their search. So, bottom line: a mobile-responsive website is crucial.

The main point of having a website is so that people can find you, but it’s also there to capture leads for you if used correctly. Having a lead form front and center on your website will make it so that every person who visits can leave their information. Sometimes a website visitor won’t be somewhere where they can make a call, so a form makes it easy for them to submit their information and concerns.

However, do not have a lead form if you can’t follow-up in some way within an hour. That might sound crazy, but it’s the reality today. In fact, an hour is probably pushing it because you’re 60x more likely to qualify a lead if you follow up within an hour.

So, how are agents following up within minutes? They use integrated lead forms and automation.

Agency management systems and CRMs sometimes provide lead form builders and allow you to integrate them with your website—not all do, but it’s becoming a usual feature. AgencyBloc’s integrated lead forms allow you to build as many forms as you’d like, and they match the style of your website. Once you’ve built your lead form, you just copy and paste the html provided. From there, leads will appear on your dashboard as they come in through the form.

AgencyBloc Lead Forms

AgencyBloc Lead Form Builder

Now for the follow-up. Like I said, the lead will appear on your dashboard upon submission, but you can do more. You can set up automation that sends an email from you to the new lead letting them know you received their information and that you’ll follow up shortly (or whatever else you’d like it to say). Then, you’ll also want to set up an automated task that will be created for you upon submission so that you really do follow up immediately.

You can even send yourself an email upon lead form submission if that’s the best way for you to remember to reach out right away. With AgencyBloc, you can set up the automation however it works best for your agency.

2. Go mobile

Being mobile is important for numerous reasons year-round, but it’s especially important during OE season because of the nature of your business at that time. You’re constantly helping current clients, quoting new ones, and trying to take care of regular tasks along the way. With that said, you need a way to access your book of business from anywhere so you can keep the ball rolling.

An AMS/CRM can provide mobility in two ways: by using a separate mobile application or by responsive design. The first is a separate app you would download onto your phone and/or tablet that’s designed for use on those devices. The second just means that when you go to the application in your browser, it responds to your screen size and makes it easier for you to work with on those devices.

AgencyBloc Desktop

AgencyBloc Dashboard Analytics on Desktop

AgencyBloc Mobile

AgencyBloc Dashboard Analytics on Mobile

Lucky for you, mobility is becoming another expected feature for agency management systems and CRMs. In order for you to be up and running in a mobile AMS or CRM by OE season, you’d want to get going sooner rather than later. But, the process of getting your data from spreadsheets or another AMS/CRM doesn’t have to be daunting.

To learn more about the process, check out our eBook: The Insurance Agency's Brief Guide to Data Migration.

3. Incorporate automation into your tasks & communication

Part of your job as an agent (arguably, the biggest part) is to maintain personal relationships with your clients and prospects. So, we know that not all conversations or tasks can be automated. You still need to call them up to chat sometimes or schedule some in-person meetings. However, there is a lot that can and should be automated.

Many agencies set up automation in preparation for OEP/AEP. For example, you could set up 3 emails to send out before OEP and AEP begin, respectively. Every agency has its own timeline they prefer, but you could start with the 90/60/30 day rule if you’re unsure of where to start.

Ninety days out, send an email to your clients letting them know OEP/AEP is approaching and that you’d love to set up a time to chat with them about their policy/policies. You can use the same approach at 60 days and 30 days, altering the message for more urgency. You can also set it up so that tasks are being automatically assigned to you during this time to be sure you’re following up.

You can do this in an AMS/CRM with automation capabilities, like AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflow. An added bonus of using an AMS with these capabilities is that you can attach documents and notes to tasks and emails, so you always have everything in one place.

AEP Client Communication

AgencyBloc Automated Workflow

There are countless ways to use automation in your agency, but creating efficiencies for your day-to-day tasks like this example of renewals with current clients is a good place to start before open enrollment season.

Get Started

These are 3 areas to get started with creating efficiencies in your agency before open enrollment begins in the hopes that your OE season can run a little smoother this year.

To learn more about setting yourself up for success this OE season, check out our brief guide,  7 Ways to Ease Your Workload This Open Enrollment Season.

7 Ways to Ease Your Workload During OEP

[Brief Guide] 7 Ways to Ease Your Workload This Open Enrollment Season

In this eBook, we'll briefly describe 7 areas where insurance agencies are creating efficiencies for themselves in anticipation of open enrollment season.

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