Use an agency management system to assign, manage, and track the completion of your team’s tasks.

Keeping track of day-to-day activity in an agency environment can be a challenge. Our industry-specific agency management system lets you track, manage, and report on assigned tasks in a centralized location to ensure your team is working at peak productivity.

Task assignments are referred to as Activities within AgencyBloc. Each Activity has the following tied to it:

  • Title of task
  • Priority level
  • Due date
  • Associations (policyholder, group contact, policy number)
  • Status
  • Follow-up user
  • Date of the last task update
  • Notes

With this information, you can streamline internal communication, reduce confusion on the next steps and procedures, and empower your staff to complete the task on time.  

Activity calendar in AgencyBloc

The Versatility of AgencyBloc’s Activities

AgencyBloc gives you two ways to manage your task assignments—select list view or a visual calendar view. Manually create and assign Activities or leverage workflow automation in AgencyBloc to automatically assign them to team members.

AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow assigns Activities based on predetermined timetables that proactively work to keep you on track. Each task functions just like any other Activity by linking to the policy and individual/opportunity/group, providing notes, and giving you the due date and priority level.

Then, report on productivity with customizable reporting tools to identify completion rates, outstanding tasks, and the status of those outstanding tasks.

Activity detail with attachment

Using Activities to Manage Your Day

AgencyBloc’s Activities help you stay on task and create a digital paper trail of conversations, emails, and more. Add related documentation to Activities to create a comprehensive record for each client and prospect. These documents could include:

Better manage carriers and agents by adding supplementary documentation, like:

  • Carrier Contracts
  • Carrier Plans & Presentations
  • Agent E&O and Licensure Information
  • Agent Contracts

Case Study

Morrison Insurance Services

Learn how AgencyBloc helps Morrison Insurance Services save 30% of their time on internal communication.


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