How to use Email to Maintain Strong Client Relationships

Client Relationships

Maintain Relationships with Meaningful Communication

Keeping your current clients happy is essential to running your agency. After all, it's about 50% easier to sell to existing clients than to new ones. So, other than sending them generic Christmas and birthday cards what else can you be doing to make sure a strong relationship is maintained? 

The answer is simple. It's the same way you maintain any other relationship: communication.

Communication with your clients is a little trickier than communication with your friends or family, though. For example, it's probably not good practice to call or email a client just to ask them "what's up?" Each communication touchpoint should be meaningful. When thinking about meaningful communication, think about the client, not yourself. What is meaningful to them rather than to you?

If you're like most agencies, you know that you need to have proactive communication with your clients, but time and scalability are the major barriers. You can't reach out to every client every time a meaningful touchpoint arises, or can you?

Automated Email Campaigns

Campaign Details

Automated email campaigns are used to send sets of emails (drips) based on date and/or time events such as a renewal date approaching or a customer is turning 65. They can also be used for action-based events such as when an individual changes from a lead to a customer.

Meaningful communication touchpoints will arise; you just need to identify them. Once you've decided which triggers are meaningful, set up the communication approach you want to take and let it run. Of course, this still needs to be maintained, and you will want to always make sure what you're sending continues to be relevant.

This approach allows you to scale your communication efforts across your entire book-of-business and take resources away from a portion of your client retention efforts and focus them elsewhere—like making new sales!

The problem: maintaining proactive communication with your clients.
The solution: automated email campaigns.

Marketing Automation: Email Campaigns

Engage, inform, and delight your prospects and clients by sending relevant emails to relevant audiences at relevant times.

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By Mike Ivory on January 8, 2015 in Automation

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