Quick Tips for Writing Holiday Greetings Emails

Tips for writing holiday emails

The holidays are a great time to show a little personality in your email messages, and a simple "Happy Holidays" email shows that you care about more than just selling policies. Today's modern insurance consumer requires nurturing with personalized messages, and the holidays is a great opportunity to send a meaningful message.

Here are some quick tips when writing your holiday emails:

1. Don't leave anyone out. Try to send emails to at least 3 groups of people: your clients, your prospects and your employees. Each email should read slightly different, but they should all have one agenda: to wish them a happy holiday season. To help you out, we put together some holiday email templates (with email banner images).

2. Add a personal touch. Again, this is your chance to send a message that isn't about you or your company or selling policies. It's a chance to tell your clients, prospects and employees that you're hoping they have an enjoyable holiday and to thank them for their business (clients) or hard work (employees. So, that's why each group needs their own personal email. Again, these templates help. Besides making the message personal to each group, make it personal to you as well. By that, I mean use humor (if it explains your company culture, like Spinutech's), share pictures of your office employees (below is ours!), or you could even have your agency owner write a personal message!

AgencyBloc Holiday Photo 2015

3. Keep it short. 2-3 sentences here should suffice. Remember that this email is all about wishing them a joyous holiday season, so keep it short and sweet. 

4. Forget the sale. As if I haven't said this enough already, I'm serious. This is not a time to try to sell to your prospects. It's really a time to show them, especially before they're even a client, that you care about the little things like wishing them happy holidays. 

Again, we've created some templates and email banner images to help you craft these emails. They're completely free, and we hope they'll help you craft some fun messages for your clients, prospects & agents/staff! Happy Holidays!

[Free Resource] Holiday Email Templates to Send to Your Clients, Prospects, Agents & Staff

Send a little holiday cheer to your prospects, clients, agents & staff!

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