Building Relationships Leads to Future Clients

Develop Relationships for future business

Growing up, I didn’t really know what insurance was, nor did I care. I was a kid; my parents took care of that stuff. I also didn’t know what a financial advisor did, and again, I didn’t care.

However, I do remember when my parent’s financial advisor would visit. Once they had 4 of us, visiting the office became tougher between all the activities they had to get us to and the travel to the office. So their advisor, insurance agent too, would visit us at home.

That was the first step in their personalized service.

The financial advisor took it a step further by making sure we were entertained, but also so we knew who he was. Sure, he visited our house where we had our own toys and entertainment, which made it easier for him to talk business with my parents. But after the meeting was the best part—he drove us around town in his convertible. As a child, this was awesome! Being from a small town, this was a short ride; but you could wave at people through the open roof and feel the wind in your hair.

As we got older and more involved in sports and other school events, newspaper articles mentioning us would show up in cards from our advisor. Now, it’s worth mentioning, he lived and worked in a different, bigger town, so getting something from that “big town” newspaper was pretty cool. Additionally, in each card, he would write a note to either congratulate or encourage us.

He’s now retired, but his examples of service live on. Not knowing he had retired, he was one of the first people I thought of when it was my turn to look for an advisor. The connection he created with the younger me had left an impact.

These are the type of impactful client experiences you want to leave with your clients and their kids. They are simple gestures, but leaving a positive impression on your client’s entire family is what brings returning business and new clients as the generations age.

So, take the extra 15 minutes to give them a ride in your “cool” car or send a handwritten card that’s about them or connects to them. Remember, the small things do add up.

Keeping Your Clients

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Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on April 20, 2017 in Client Retention

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