The Promises Every Insurance Agent Should Be Making

The Promises Every Insurance Agent Should Be Making

Show Your Clients You Care

Last week, I gave an example of a salesman not listening and digging himself into a pretty giant hole. Today, I'd like to point out an awesome example of the kind of service every agent or agency should aspire to. I came across Paradiso Insurance's Paradiso Promises. I will repeat them here for you:

  1. We work for YOU. You are our boss. Our main goal is to make your insurance life as easy as possible.
  2. When you need something, you are our #1 priority. You will have our undivided attention. We will listen to you and learn about your life and property, so we can protect you properly.
  3. We'll take the time to make sure you understand your options. Insurance can be complicated; when you understand what you're purchasing and what the product does, you feel more comfortable selecting insurance options with us that fit your business or family needs.
  4. It's our job to alert you to insurance products you need. We are licensed to educate and properly protect what you have worked hard for. We will listen to you and identify solutions to problems or upcoming needs.
  5. You are not a number to us. We will make you feel important and appreciated. When you purchase insurance from us, you become part of our family and you'll be treated that way.
  6. You have choices. We will display to you, routinely, exactly why we're better than your other insurance options, in person and via phone, email and mail.
  7. We will be sincere and direct when we have to deal with any challenges. If we make a mistake, we will own it, alert you and explain exactly how we'll fix it.
  8. When you call our agency, everyone will be positive. Being positive makes a difference. Even -and especially - if you are not having a good day, we will always do our best to bring positivity to you.
  9. We want to make doing business with us easy. You can get in-person service on Saturday mornings and via our mobile app. If you need an alternate time, ask. We'll work to accommodate you at night or on weekends.
  10. If your rates go up, we'll call to review your application and then work to maintain the coverage you need by shopping all of the top carriers in the state, to find you the best value.
  11. We'll set your expectations on every call. The team will always let you know the next steps and a time frame. If we can't meet that time frame we will alert you and reset your expectations.
  12. We want to communicate with you how you want to be communicated with - by, email and/or text message. Of course, if there's something complicated to explain, we'll always call you to make sure you understand.

Make Your Promises

What I love about these promises more than the promises themselves is that they are clearly stated on Paradiso Insurance's website. These 12 promises could have easily been kept as internal standards, but here they're written to accomodate the client and are communicated as such. Yet, they still create a service standard interally.

Everything we've been writing about this past month has been all about how to communicate with your prospects and clients using technology, but when I came across this I thought it was very important to point out. Before you even start making plans to create email campaigns or set up those social media sites, always remember what you're promising your clients or prospects. Build your online and offline communications around these promises. 

Follow Through

The follow-through is even more important than making the promises or setting the standards in the first place. You can tell with Paradiso's promises that their theme is family-oriented, and that theme shows through their social media posts and blogs. Here's an example from their Facebook page:

Paradiso Insurance Facebook Post

If you don't have any promises or standards laid out, do so now. Communicate internally with your coworkers and then communicate with your clients. Putting it on your website is a prime place to do this because clients see it and are reassured of your service, and prospects see it and want to do business with you.

Thank you, Paradiso Insurance, for setting such a great example of communicating with the modern insurance consumer.

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on May 19, 2015 in Client Retention

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