Using Twitter to Provide Customer Service

Use Twitter to Provide Customer Service

Twitter for Customer Service

Here's an interesting fact: Social Media Analytics firm, Simply Measured, reported 43% of top brands now have "dedicated customer service handles on Twitter".

Why have so many brands chosen to create a Twitter handle for the sole purpose of customer service? 

Customers are looking for the fastest way to communicate with a company. They do not want to wait for a customer service rep to answer or even anxiously wait around for an automatic customer service email. More importantly, people are likely to express their frustrations about a brand or its products on social media. 

So, it's at a company's advantage to maintain organized social media accounts to inform, engage and provide customer service to their customers. At this point, I think the main goal is to create and maintain a Twitter account, replying to any questions or comments that come your way. It isn't necessarily a must-have to have a dedicated Twitter handle for customer service, especially if you're a small agency. It is usually the larger brands that choose to do this because of the volume of customer service requests they get.

With that said, many companies have made the decision to have two-way, respectable conversations on Twitter to enhance their customer rapport. Along with seeing what is said about their company on Twitter, it also gives them the unique opportunity to be personable and answer direct questions that come their way.

Liberty Mutual Example

Using the handle @AskLiberty, Liberty Mutual addresses problems first hand. Addressing these problems (good or bad) shows that they are willing to be upfront with problems that could potentially reflect poorly on their company. Their customer service reps even sign their personal name after their responses, adding quality to the response. Being personal like this provides their customers with the reassurance that they're talking to real people who wish to help.

Liberty Mutual used their normal Twitter handle to introduce their customer service handle (@AskLiberty) and immediately started addressing issues and providing help:

Liberty Mutual is just one example showing that social media is not only a channel to provide customer service, but also that the idea of publicly displaying their customer service can be a positive.

It is essential that customers are reminded and shown they are cared for. Quality customer service will continue to be a major factor in client satisfaction, so don't overlook it. Take any opportunity you have to provide better customer service. Your clients will thank you for it.

Want to learn more about how to use social media not only to provide great customer service, but also within your prospecting efforts?

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on July 17, 2015 in Client Retention

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