3 Ways You Can Use Personalization to Enhance Your Client's Experience

3 Ways You Can Use Personalization to Enhance Your Client's Experience

Does Personalization Matter in Insurance?

We like to leave our mark on the world in a variety of ways, and personalization helps us do just that. We personalize a myriad of things from towels to jewelry to license plates. It’s an opportunity for us to show the world that this is who we are and how we choose to represent ourselves.

It’s no surprise, since we crave personalization, that personalized products and communications succeed far better than non-personalized. In fact, 94% of consumers marked personalization throughout their interactions with a company as important or extremely important, and 86% noted that they take personalization into consideration during purchasing decisions.

The rise in respect for personalization is connected to the changes in society as a whole. Our society has changed its perspective of what it deems “most important” from the product to the experience they have. We’ve become a relationship-centric society. One holding human-to-human connection and personal relationships in high regard.

A big part of this change is the explosion of technology and media. We are constantly exposed to products, services, marketing, and ideas. With that can come more distance and less personal communication.

With this heightened inundation of products and services, we’ve begun to put more emphasis on the value we find with the product. That goes beyond just what the product is by incorporating how it benefits us and how the team behind that product can impact and benefit our processes. Instead of looking strictly at the product and what it can offer us, we look deeper to the value of the service we receive. We are putting extra value on how we’re treated. We’re putting more emphasis on and demanding better, more personalized service.

Think about the last time you bought something. It could’ve been as simple as a gallon of milk or a large purchase like a car. Why did you go to the place you went to? Why did you choose to buy from there instead of another place?

For many, the differentiator is how we feel throughout the whole process.

It reminds me of the story my parents told me when they were shopping for elementary schools for my brother and I. They interviewed many highly-rated, well-taught schools, but they ultimately chose the one they did because they connected best with the kindergarten teachers there. In fact, they immediately walked out of one where the teacher didn’t make them feel welcomed.

It’s no longer just about what we do. It’s how we make others feel and how they remember us. The emotional connection is integral to success and future growth.

Using Personalization in Your Agency

Personalization is a key component of neuromarketing.

It helps us differentiate and understand when something is geared specifically for us. Remember, the human brain is made up of complex layers of emotion, logic, and gut reactions. It’s our “fight or flight” drive. And remember, the Old Brain is a bit self-centered. So the more personalization you can incorporate, the better.

One of the main areas you can incorporate personalization is email—and this is super simple with the right tools.

Email marketing campaign builders, like the one in AgencyBloc, use what is called variable data. First, you choose the variable data you want, like [First Name], then the system will automatically insert the name into each and every email you send based on the information you have in that client’s profile.

It can include basic demographics like first name, last name, agent’s name, etc., but it can also include information like policy number, policy-specific information, address, phone numbers, and lots more. This way, you can create and send mass emails that are still personalized.

Marrying these efforts with workflow automation can make the whole process even easier. Getting down to brass tacks, workflow automation allows you to work smarter, not harder. When you’re building your Automated Workflows, utilize variable data to make them more personalized.

You can set up workflows that cover all sorts of topics including:

  • Policy renewal reminders
  • Policy application status updates
  • Turning 26/65 alerts
  • Happy birthday emails
  • Anniversary reminders
  • E&O & licensure compliance maintenance

It’s an easy way to integrate more client communication into your process and gives you the opportunity to make each and every one of those communications personal and unique for that given individual.  

Another tool you can use with email marketing is segmenting emails. Email segmentation means creating specified lists based on client or prospect demographic or behavioral data. One example of this is when a certain policy type or carrier is changing for certain counties or states.

A quick way to identify the affected is segmenting them out within the AgencyBloc Email Marketing Filters.

This way you’re only emailing those who will be affected by the upcoming changes. The extra bonus to this is the relief your clients will feel and the possible boost in retention. They’ll respect you even more for letting them know the changes are coming, being there to help them put together a game plan, and making the whole transition a lot smoother overall.

In insurance, one of the best ways you can set yourself apart from your competition is the service you provide. Clients will stay loyal to those who they feel are loyal to them. Making those personalized touches, whether it’s a segmented email or an Automated Workflow email, can make all of the difference.

It shows that you care enough to keep them top of mind all of the time. Remember, happy clients are more likely to stay, are more likely to refer, and maybe even give you a testimonial for you to use!

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on June 18, 2019 in Customer Experience

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