Making Good Agents Great: Staying in Contact with Clients & Prospects

Making Good Agents Great: Staying in Contact with Clients & Prospects

Serving Your Clients and Prospects Better

In our series Making Good Agents Great, we’ve been discussing the different portions of Automated Workflow and how they can make your insurance agency more efficient and productive. Today we’ll discuss some of the ways automated workflow helps you stay in contact with your clients and prospects.


Birthdays are a special time of year for your prospects and clients. They also provide you with the unique opportunity for you to connect with your prospects and clients about non-policy related material. The number one reason clients leave is a lack of communication, so wishing them a simple “Happy Birthday” can make all the difference. However, remembering everyone’s birthday can be really hard. AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflow monitors your book-of-business, reads the data, and, when it’s someone’s birthday, it will instantly send out a greeting created specially for them. This helps you maintain connection even if that person isn’t actively buying coverage.

Client Happy Birthday Wishes

Monitoring Client Types

You are 9 times more likely to convert a lead if you follow-up with them within 5 minutes. Since you can lose up to 14% of your client-base every year, acting on your leads and prospects is a must in order to keep your agency alive. Automated Workflow monitors your book-of-business and alerts you any time a client type changes. For example, if a prospect becomes client or client leaves and becomes an ex-client, Automated Workflow will notify you. That way you always know when you have new leads, prospects, and clients. It allows you to maintain and grow your book-of-business. 

Automated Workflow Client Types

Keep Track of Applications

Writing and monitoring policy applications can be a hassle. You can spend hours of your day obtaining, completing, and submitting policy forms; then, you have to spend more time manually monitoring and watching the submission to see if it’s approved or not. Automated Workflow can help take some of that workload off by alerting you of any action on the application. Set up one-time notifications that will alert you to any certain changes on any policy in your book. Once you’ve submitted the paperwork, you’ll be able to relax knowing that AgencyBloc will alert you of any important activities or follow-ups you have. That way, if the submission is rejected, you can act upon it quickly and rectify the situation. It won’t take the entire process off your hands, but it can help alleviate some of the time you put into it.

Keep Track of Client Applications

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By Allison Babberl on October 11, 2016 in Customer Experience

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