The 2 Most Important Factors Needed for Successful Client Onboarding

Successful Client Onboarding

The way you onboard new clients can make or break your client retention. And since insurance isn't a physical item you buy, buyer's remorse is even more likely to occur. Buyer's remorse is when a customer begins wondering if they made the right decision in buying your product; they may even begin to regret it if you don't address it immediately. 

Stephen A. Waldman of Waldman Bros points out 2 things insurance agents and brokers must do in order to create a successful onboarding process:

  1. Be "relationship-driven." This is incredibly important because, from the start, you want to create an atmosphere for your clients where they feel they can reach you at all times with any questions or concerns they might have. You can do this by setting up an email campaign that runs from the day they become a client, beginning with a welcome email. Steve Anderson recommends 9 touches over 90 days, as he explains in this webinar. He suggests the following campaign: Steve Anderson 9 touches in 90 days
  2.  Provide "customized solutions." Providing customized solutions for your clients is different depending on if you're an agent or broker. For an agent, you might provide a small, customized handbook/guide to your clients showing the coverage they just bought and include other coverage you offer that might interest them. Often, if you buy insurance from an agent who is also a financial advisor, you'll receive a customized financial outlook/plan based on your income, debts and retirement plans. This not only helps your client understand his/her current and financial situation, but they'll be likely to buy additional products from you based on this plan. As for brokers, Waldman suggests personalized websites, "custom binders for clients with multiple locations" and face-to-face training. Brokers have the challenge of personalizing an experience for multiple people at once, but these suggestions are a great place to start. 

Putting your client relationships first and customizing each of their unique experiences with you is important to maintaining a great relationship with your new client. To learn more about Steve Anderson's 9 touches in 90 days theory and other ways you can use email marketing for current clients, check out this recorded webinar:

Building Client Relationships Using Email featuring Steve Anderson

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on August 5, 2015 in Customer Experience

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