The Simple Way to Sell More Policies and Get More Referrals

Use empathy to sell 53% more policies

We've been teaming up with Rocket Referrals for webinars the past several months, and the last one we did was all about using empathy to sell more policies and get more referrals. We thought this would be a good subject to do a webinar on because we understand how incredibly important referrals are for insurance agents. Not to mention, what agent doesn't want to sell more policies?

We've done our research, and we found that empathy was a key ingredient for both referrals and selling policies. In fact, an insurance industry research study revealed that producers high in emotional intelligence generated 53% more in sales than producers who were low in emotional intelligence. 

In the webinar, emotional intelligence was further described and ways in which you can show empathy for the modern insurance consumer through various forms of online communication were demonstrated. 

Modern insurance consumers want more from their agents in today's world of constant connectedness, yet we understand how busy agents are. This webinar helps agents and agencies understand empathy and how they utilize the available technologies to maintain better communication with their clients and prospects.

Check out the webinar:

Use empathy to sell 53% more policies

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on April 24, 2015 in Customer Experience

Kelsey is the Marketing Brand Specialist at AgencyBloc. She plans and creates educational resources to help our customers organize, automate & grow their insurance agency. Favorite quote: "I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it." —Charles R. Swindoll  More articles


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