Two Reasons You Need To Take Another Look At Your Testimonials

Two Reasons You Need To Take Another Look At Your Testimonials

Take Another Look At Your Testimonials

Carl Maerz from Rocket Referrals posted a blog that discussed the difference between good testimonials and bad testimonials. Often times, we don't even realize when we have "bad" testimonials because we aren't sure what we should be striving for in the first place. Carl gives a couple of tips:

  1. Don't focus on price
  2. Make sure your testimonials are specific

Maybe these seem obvious to you, but many testimonials still don't demonstrate these tips. Carl points out that price may deter from the real reason you're showing off testimonials: to show you'll ease the pain points of the potential client. He says "Effective testimonials will highlight your strengths: offering excellent service and genuine care they cannot find elsewhere. Therefore never spotlight testimonials that focus on price alone." Highlight your service and why you'll make your prospects' lives easier. Sell value, not savings. 

We probably all ask our clients to be specific when writing testimonials for us, or at least we should. But, let's be more specific about being specific! Carl gives an example of a bad testimonial vs. a good testimonial when it comes to being specific:


"I have been with Jurgen's Insurance for five years now and I really like them. They have very good service and I can always count on them."


"Jurgen's Insurance was there for me when it mattered most. Last year my neighborhood was devastated during a storm. I was so relieved that Jurgen's set me up with the right policy for my home. They worked with the insurance company and myself until they were sure I was taken care of. Talk about people who love to help!"

What Carl is getting at here is that the second testimonial does a much better job of explaining a problem and how the company actually made a difference in the situation. The first one is vague and sounds like a lot of testimonials other companies also have. You have to use testimonials that set you apart from your competition. 

To help your clients be more specific when giving testimonials for you, have them think of a specific situation in which you helped them. Have them describe their situation before and after working with you. You'll end up with less vague testimonials this way.

To be smarter about how you're collecting testimonials, check out a recording our webinar with Rocket Referrals:

February Rocket Referrals webinar

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on February 28, 2015 in Customer Experience

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