How to Build Mobile-Responsive Emails With No Coding or Design Skills

Mobile Responsive Email

You sell insurance and a huge part of selling insurance is knowing how to build relationships using email. We've talked with Steve Anderson about how to use email to build client relationships and how to use email for prospecting. He tells you, as an insurance agent, what to send, who to send it to, how to send it, etc. but there are still obstacles.

One of the biggest obstacles for most insurance agents is creating well-designed, mobile responsive emails. You aren't a designer and you don't write code. You can be sharing the best content ever but when 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices and your email isn't even readable on a mobile device there is an issue.

How to Build Mobile Responsive Emails

When it comes to building mass or automated emails you usually have 3 options depending on the software you are using; a fully customizable email builder, a drag-and-drop builder, or pre-made templates. Here is the fully customizable email builder inside of AgencyBloc:

Email marketing software for insurance agents

This may be intimidating or even frustrating to look at when you have a great idea in your mind and don't know how to create it but this email builder actually allows you to make your email look and behave however you want.

This is how to build mobile-responsive emails with no coding or design skills needed:

  1. Download a responsive email template from ZURB Ink (free). There are other options out there but I've found these easy to use and very customizable. Just pick a template that you want to use and click Download.
  2. Open the folder and then the file that matches the name of your template (Basic, Hero, Newsletter, etc.). This should open the HTML file. Just copy all of the HTML code.

    Note: the file may open in a web browser. If this is the case just right-click anywhere and choose "View Source." The HTML code should then display and you can copy it.
  3. Now, with the HTML code copied go to your AgencyBloc account (or wherever your fully-customizable email builder is located) and click the "Source" button on the email builder:

    Email software for insurance agents

    This is where you will paste the HTML code. Once you do that and click "Source" again, you should see the email template that you just downloaded.
  4. With this email template in place you can now edit the images, text, colors, etc. so that it looks just how you want.

Insurance agent email builder

Just like that and you are on your way to sending mobile responsive emails that will make your agency look more professional, increase engagement, and improve/maintain positive client relationships.

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By Mike Ivory on May 19, 2016 in Email Marketing

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