The Crazy Email Marketing Technique All Insurance Agencies Should Try

Email marketing techniques for insurance agencies

Whether you have email campaigns set up for clients or prospects, there's a technique you have to try. As I was reading a blog from Hubspot showcasing really great email marketing campaigns, I came across a technique LOFT uses. Check it out:

Email Marketing Techniques

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So although LOFT is a women's clothing company, insurance agencies can absolutely utilize this technique. The idea behind it is showing your audience that you truly care about only sending them content they'll find useful. The added bonus: you'll learn what content is desired and what content isn't (you won't waste any time creating unwanted content). 

Granted, you'll need to have enough content segmented into at least a few groups to do this. But, that should be a goal you're working towards anyway. Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with clients and prospects, so that's where you should be spending time and resources delivering relevant content that's going to either keep them as a client or convert them to one.

I'll give a quick example for a life & health insurance agency. For clients, you should know what they're generally interested in because of what they purchased from you. After that initial purchase, you should definitely be sending them information about the other products you offer (check out this example email campaign). So after a couple emails letting them know what other products you sell, you could send an email similar to LOFT's. It should invite them to update their email preferences, and you could give them options to receive information on each of your certain products they haven't yet bought. After they click "update my preferences", the page they land on could follow this format:

Email Preferences Insurance Agents

Make sure you use check boxes on your form so that they can select more than one option. So, not only does this please them, knowing you care about not cluttering up their inbox. But, it also lets you know what products they might be interested in in the future.

Even though there's a little work up front to get things in place for this email marketing technique, I think it can be extremely useful. You might be thinking: "but I want them to get all of the emails I send." But, it's more important than ever to personalize the experience, especially in email where inboxes are already cluttered. If you don't, your readers will begin to simply delete emails as they come in from you. They have to find some sort of value in them to remain engaged.

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on September 4, 2015 in Email Marketing

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