Goals Life & Health Insurance Agencies Like Yours Have for 2019

Goals Life & Health Insurance Agencies Like Yours Have for 2019

What are your 2019 goals?

The new year is underway, and that means putting some goals into place and creating some action plans towards those!

Not sure what you should be striving for?

We asked some life and health agency clients and partners of ours to submit goals they’re striving towards in 2019 as well as any action plans they’ve come up with to achieve them.

David Bryant

I have 2 major goals. 1) YOY revenue growth of 100% and 2) for groups with less than 100 employees, to be able to take clients from census being collected through our site, through quoting, to online enrollment ready in under 24 hours. We want to be faster and easier to work with for turn around implementation time than any other broker in the country.

David Bryant, CEO, Brystra Insurance Services

Lisa Reynolds

My goal for 2019 is to cross sell 50% of my 1-product households. All kinds of studies have shown that it’s easier to sell to an existing client. And multi-product households are more loyal.

Super easy to do with AgencyBloc. A report showing households with only one product. Email or direct mail campaign to reach out. Set activities to remind us to follow up. Assign to team members. Monthly reports to let me know how we are doing!!

Lisa Reynolds, Owner, Lisa Reynolds Insurance

Brian Kauffman

This year we are going to monitor/track our revenue by agent in order to see who our most profitable agents are and where we are spending our time and recruiting. We will use the customized reports in AgencyBloc to find net commissions and/or payments to our agency based on agents' accounts.

Brian Kauffman, President, BOST Benefits

Jason Ferguson

For New Horizons, we plan to acquire 2 more agencies in 2019, and as part of that process, we will enter their books of business into AgencyBloc.

We also plan to hire more people on our service team to help agents.

Jason Ferguson, CMO, New Horizons Insurance Marketing, Inc.

Wendy Keneipp

Our goal / initiative for the year is to help agencies get organized with the foundational changes they need to have in place to thrive and grow in the future. Things are changing significantly in the benefits industry, so we set our theme for 2019 to address that: Get Your SHIFT Together. To help agencies address these changes, we are creating new networking and learning tools in our member site. We’re also creating new learning tools to share publicly with all agencies, regardless of their work with us. And finally, we’re developing new levels of membership to allow more agencies to get involved and take advantage of the education and networking necessary to be that thriving agency who is leading their clients, rather than playing catchup.

Wendy Keneipp, Partner, Q4intelligence

We are not 100% running our companies through AgencyBloc. We have one large company to go – HUMANA! One of our goals is to get Humana up and running in AgencyBloc so we won’t have to spreadsheet those statements anymore!

We realize that with our old system, it was near impossible to be able to track every policy to make sure we were paid correctly each and every month. With AgencyBloc, we are able to run reports and compare from month to month – that is exciting! So another goal is to check every company and retrieve missed payments for us and our agents.

Our third goal is to offer AgencyBloc to our agents so they are able to track their commissions and have an organized “planner” for contacting their clients. We feel this will be an excellent service we can offer them.

—Sandy Risseeuw, Accounting & Commissions, Parks Insurance Inc.

So, what will your agency strive for this year?

Once you’ve set your goals and defined your action plans, you need a way to measure your performance towards these.

We wrote an eBook all about tracking performance and ensuring you’re making the right decisions for your agency along the way: Your Compass To Agency Success: Making informed decisions with real-time analytics & custom reporting.

[Free eBook] Your Compass to Agency Success: Making informed decisions with real-time analytics & custom reporting

When tasked with making decisions that affect the direction of your business, how do you ensure your decisions are well-informed? With real-time analytics and custom reporting, life and health agencies are able to assess where they've been and where they're headed with confidence.

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Kelsey Rosauer

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