An Insurance Agent's Advice to Other Agents About Lead Generation and Follow-Ups

An Insurance Agent's Advice to Other Agents About Lead Generation and Follow-Ups
Ryan Combs

This blog post is based on an interview with Ryan Combs, Director of Marketing at My Family Health Insurance and has been posted with his approval and permission. My Family Health Insurance is a GA/IMO that specializes in health, dental, vision, and disability insurance.

Note: AB denotes AgencyBloc and RC denotes Ryan Combs

AB: What is your role?
RC: I wear multiple hats; I’m the Director of Marketing at My Family Health Insurance and I am an independent agent with my own book-of-business. One of my biggest roles at My Family Health is recruiting and training agents.

AB: Who is your target market?
RC: Since we’re a GA/IMO, we target agents, but our agents mainly write under 65 health and life plans with a little Medicare.

AB: What are some tactics you found to work/not work to engage prospects?
RC: We have found phone calls, email, and 1:1 virtual meetings (Join.Me, Skype, GoTo Webinar) to be the best. Technology has simplified the communication process; the phone isn’t always the most effective method on the initial reach out, but it’s the most effective when something needs to be done quickly.

For my own book-of-business, I am on social media. I mostly use targeted ads on Facebook and the different integrated sales tools available on LinkedIn to reach out to people I’m not connected with. One big piece of advice I can offer is this: if you’re going to use Facebook or LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, don’t go in hard. What I mean by that is, don’t connect with them and instantly send them a sales pitch. I strive to add value and become a partner with them; my advice is to reach out and try to get to know them before you give them the pitch.

As for tactics that haven’t worked; we’ve found anything cold to be less effective. Mass emailing doesn’t work for us, neither does cold calling. Anything that’s cold just doesn’t fit anymore. We try to warm up the market before we engage them directly.

AB: What is your method of follow-up (phone, email, in person, sending gifts, etc.) and how many times do you follow-up?
RC: Primarily, for simplicity’s sake and to respect time, we stick to phone, email, and web-based technology. We follow the general procedure of the initial email or phone call then follow-up with the other. Then, once we create that relationship, we set up a 1:1 virtual meeting. Sometimes we meet in person if we’re close, but most people are moving away from that, and we want to be flexible to respect their time and ours.

How many times? That depends on the situation. There is no limit as long as we continue to add value. It can take 5-7 times before they even show interest and that’s the amount we typically do. We use marketing automation software, including AgencyBloc, to stay on top of our follow-ups and track our prospect and client information.

AB: How do you see engaging prospects and follow-ups changing and evolving in the future?
RC: More social being implemented across the board. The demographic is going to be forced to change as older agents retire and the younger generations grow into our target audiences. I also see mobile services growing and text messaging becoming a big thing.

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By Allison Babberl on May 4, 2017 in Lead Generation

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