How You Can Market Yourself By Writing Testimonials For Others

Writing Testimonials

Write Testimonials For Others

We know now that we should be continually asking for testimonials (or at least you should know!). But, there's one major reason you should be continually writing testimonials for other businesses. It goes with the idea that we need to be always listening and engaging in conversation with others in our industry using social media, our websites and our blogs.

Who Should I Write Testimonials For?

Dana Wilde of The Mind Aware points out that when you write testimonials for others, you're putting yourself in front of their audience. So, it might make sense to write testimonials for other people or businesses in your industry. But you could also seek out audiences you're not currently exposed to but would like to be. 

For instance, if you're a life insurance agent, you could look to write testimonials for products or companies who help you remain healthy, like club gyms or healthy food brands. When you submit the testimonial, be sure to include your title/company and your company's website with your name. You can write the testimonial from a life insurance agent standpoint without directly promoting yourself. Maybe going to this gym has kept your health in-check and has kept your life insurance rates low. While consumers are perusing the testimonials, obviously thinking about getting healthy, your testimonial might spark a thought in their head about life insurance, and you'll be right there to contact!

If nothing else, you're helping those around you, and people tend to return the favor when we receive a testimonial or recommendation. You'll have started a relationship with that company you wrote a testimonial for. However, be sure you're being honest in your testimonials and not just writing it to gain exposure to their audience. 

For more help on this topic, check out Dana's tips on giving testimonials in her video: 

In addition, check out a free recording of our latest webinar with Rocket Referrals where they discuss why you should never stop collecting testimonials and show you how to obtain a lot of them.

Never Stop Collecting Testimonials

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on February 24, 2015 in Lead Generation

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