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Facebook is Home to 31% of Seniors

Pew Research Center reports that "for the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This represents 31% of all seniors."

However, "few older adults use Twitter - just 6% of online seniors report doing so, compared with 19% of all adult internet users."

This is huge for agents who sell life insurance, medicare and health insurance and for those who also may advise on retirement planning. You now know where to find your target audience online.

So, how can I appeal to them on Facebook?

Before you ask that question, let's make sure your Facebook page is presentable. The following tips are taken from our book we co-authored with Rocket Referrals, A Brief Guide to Successful Relationships with the Modern Insurance Consumer: Simple Steps for Managing your Communication to Maximize Growth:

  • Make sure you cover the basic contact information. As we know, customers turn to the web for this information all the time. If a customer searches for your company, and your Facebook page comes up first, this will be the first place he or she looks. Make sure you've included your email address, phone number, website address, physical address and hours.
  • Choose a cover photo that represents your company. Your Cover photo is the larger photo that appear above your profile picture. Choose an image that represents your company: some choose an image of their office building, some choose an image of their employees. Choose whatever image accurately portrays your business. Use these dimensions: 851px by 315px.
  • Maintain a consistent profile picture. Though profile pictures change frequently with personal profiles, it's a good idea to keep a consistent profile picture for your company page. Use a version of your company logo that includes the company name, and try not to change it all that often. You want your profile picture to be recognizable, and if it's frequently changing, your consumers won't recognize you. Use these dimensions: 180px by 180px.
  • Make the most of your About section. Similar to the "about" section on your website, the "about" area on Facebook should quickly tell people what your agency is all about. They know you sell insurance, but tell them why you sell insurance and what your agency's core values are. Keep it brief: 1 to 3 sentences is ideal.
  • Include what you sell on the Products section. As an insurance agency, this is a great place to show prospects what you specialize in, quickly giving them an idea as to whether you're the type of agency they're looking for.
  • Get personal with the photos section. Just because this is a company page doesn't mean you can't include some personality. Include photos of events your company hosts or participates in, happenings around the office, awards your company has earned, etc. Use this section to make your profile dynamic, to show multiple dimensions of your company.
  • Post relevant content. Social media is a great place to post content from your blog, as well as to share others' content. Show your consumers that you are involved in your industry, and have expert knowledge of it. Social media is for collaborating and conversing with others, so get to it!

Ok, done. Now, how can I reach them?

Facebook is a relatively cheap (or even free) way to reach these seniors. It's free if you're just promoting your agency and your content to your followers, but by spending a little bit of money, you can grow your follower base and promote your agency to people beyond your reach.

Let's talk about Facebook Ads. To put it simply, you can promote your business, your services and/or your content to a very specific audience or a larger, less specific audience. You can target people based on location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviors, and connections. You can even target people based on a list of email addresses or phone numbers you may have. To see in more detail how you can specify a certain audience, check out this video:

As for types of advertisements, you can do banner ads that show up on the sidebar of Facebook, ads that show up in users' News Feeds (on both desktop and mobile) or you can set up Instagram ads. There's no lack of what you can do here. Here is how those ads will display:

Facebook ad placement

Image via

So, you have a lot of options for what kinds of advertisements you can create and who you can target, but how effective are the ads? By using Facebook ads to promote our content, AgencyBloc has grown its audience by 395% over this past year. In turn, we've gotten more readers on our blog and more people attending the webinars we promote. But, I also have some external statistics for you. 

There are 1.44 billion active monthly users, and those users spend about 40 minutes a day on Facebook. So, there's a huge audience of both seniors and young potential clients for you to be reaching.

We know now that most people Google your business or a service to find who they'll purchase from, so be sure you're taking advantage of every opportunity to show up in that Google search!

To learn more about Facebook for insurance agents, check out this book we co-authored with Rocket Referrals. It's a brief guide that shows you how you can manage your communication with your clients and prospects to maximize growth:

Facebook for insurance agents

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on November 19, 2015 in Online Marketing

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